Short Movies

How to Download Student Data Files: View a movie on how to download and install the student data files. To start the movie, click on the file above. It is rather a large file, so it may take a litttle while. This is an overview, and the more detail instruction is in Week 1 of the course Web site.

Installing the index.htm file: Once you install the Student Data files in the shelly folder, download and install index.htm file. Here is a movie to give you an overview. The detail information is in Week 2.

Creating a Simple Web Page: Here is a movie on how you can creat and save a simple Web page file in the shelly folder.

Getting a Web Account: This movies shows an overview of how to get a Web account.

Using WS-FTP Application: This is an overview of how to upload your site (the html folder) to your Web server space.


Links to Step-by-Step Instructions

Assignments - Index.htm
Basic Tags

Backup Disk - making

Cascading Style Sheet and Frame with CSS

Copying and Pasting in Notepad

Copying Images from the Internet

Color Chart and System


Directory System

Downloading Applications

E-mail - Yahoo & File Attachment

File Management

Final Project

Frames and Frame with CSS


Geocities - Uploading Files

Geocities - Setting up an Account

Image Maps

ImageReady (Photoshop) Lesson

Internet Resources

Internet Search

Hyperlinks - Internet Explorer

Hyperlinks - Trouble Shooting 

Naming Files

Photoshop Lesson and Photoshop-ImageReady Lesson


Table Samples

Target Windows

Text Formatting

WS-FTP - Using