Group Projects

Part 0: Personal Project

Part 1: Expert Groups

Members of each expert group obtain expertise in their field through self-training. Since we have less than two weeks for the project, I want you to focus on the skills that you will use for the projects. For example, if you are a graphics expert, learning how to make buttons using Photoshop will be a sufficient skill level. If you choose Flash, simple animation is is sufficient.

A great place to start the self-training is Web Tutorials by Peter L. Kantor. Explore graphics, page design, site design, XHTML, CSS, and so on.

Each group will have four expert groups: graphics, coding, project management, and noncommittal. See more details below.

Each group will give a presentation and discuss at the end.

Graphic Experts: Your task is collecting and developing graphic images for the Web site. You will learn more about Photoshop or other graphics software. You will also involve in page layout.




Coding Experts: Your task is learning about XHTML and CSS coding, directory system design, site map, and other tasks that will put the site together.


Directory and Design


Project Experts: Your job is making sure that everyone does his/her tasks in timely manner, delegate tasks, communicate with the client, and make sure individual members communicate well. You will decide file and directory names. Also, you will manage CSS.


Directory and Design

Noncommittal Experts:


Part 2: Group Web Site Developments

One member of each expert group will form a Web development group, so each new group will have at least one expert of all fields. Your group is asked to develop a informational web site for the Tourism Ministry of a country. Consider your instructor as the official from the ministry. The official is the the client who has the final say of the site.



Group 1: Trinidad

Group 2: Malta

Group 3: Botswana

Group 4: Macau Norway

Group 5: The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The group project presentation is on Friday, February 4th. Everyone in the group will participate in presentation.


Part 3: Presentation and Summary

Each group will give a present ion for 15 minutes.

Everyone in the group will have chances to talk about what she or he did.

After the presentation, e-mail me at with a summary of what you did and the most important lesson that you learned from the project.


Here are the outcomes: