MIC 110

The Program Development Life Cycle (PDLC) Exercises

Part 1

Let's say we are to write a simple program for an elevator in this building. The elevator would execute the commands (event) by users according to our instruction (codes). Our task is developing a program that the elevator would execute.

Form 4 expert groups: Flowchart, Pseudocode, Algorithm, and HIPO. Each group will master the field of experties by reading the materials in the textbook and the hyperlinks above. Then each group will work on the project with the group's experties, i.e., the flowchart expert group will create a flowchart.

First, discuss the problem and decided the names of variables. Develop the project, then develop a set of test data, run them through to verify the logic.

Each group will give a presentation on what it came up.

Part 2

Based on the following scenarios, describe the operations with flowchart, pseudocode, and HIPO (hierarchical input process output). Also create a set of data for testing the algorithm, then test if the program works.

Group A: Describe operation of automobile that drives itself. It will pick you up after this class in front of the main door on Broadway. The pickup time is 8 p.m. The car proceeds to the traffic light in front of the bookstore, then passes the light on Pine Street. It drives into the Chevron gas station and charges the fuel from a computerized pump machine.


Group B: Multiplication using only addition. Or division using only subtraction.


Group C: Operating a monorail car from the Seattle Center to the downtown.


Group D: Soda machine. It offers only 3 choices.


Group E: ATM machine for withdrawing cash.


Group F: Hotmail log in process. Relationship among user ID, password and database.


Each group present its project to the class.