MIC 110


Flow-charting is used to diagram a process on paper to make it easier to visualize. Flowcharting can be useful in a variety of applications ranging from computer programming to managerial planning.

A representation of algorithm and procedural logic of a program in a diagram that includes starting and ending points, procedures, modules, and decision-makings. Flowcharts use standard geometric symbols and lines, which are connected according to the logic of the algorithm.

Like pseudocode, flowcharts are useful for developing and representing algorithm, and it shows clearly how control structures operate.


Basic Flowchart Symbols

Predefined process symbol a.k.a. module. Predefined process has its own flowchart.



Utilize the symbols above to try and describe an everyday process. Let's you want to program a robot to show a video tape for you. What would be the flowchart look like? A possible answer.