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MIC 110
Program Design and Development with Visual Basic

Final exam is on Wed. December 15 at 10:30 a.m.

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Last updated:
November 22, 2004



Course Information

  • Labs: 3167 for Monday and Wednesday 12 -12:50 PM.
  • Lectures: 3214 for Tueday and Thursday, 12 -12:50 PM.
  • Syllabus : Detail information about the course.
  • Assignments : The most updated assignment information is on the Assignments page.

Classnotes and Schedule

The schedule will be updated weekly.

Week 1

(Sept 27)

Course Setups:

  • The Textbook:
    • "Simply Visual Basic.NET 2003: An Application-Driven Tutorial Approach" by Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel. ISBN: 0-13-142640-0.
  • Software: VB .Net comes with the textbook. If you have Windows XP or Windows 2000, you may install it on your computer.

Lectures and Exercises:


Week 2

(Oct 4)

Tutorials 3, 4 and 5

Program Development Life Cycle Exercises. Introduction to Variables, Controls and Data Types


Week 3

(Oct 11)

Tutorials 5 and 6

Quiz 1 on Thursday Everything that we have learned so far. It will include the basics understanding of VB similar to the questions in the textbook.

Introduction to Functions (Built-In) and If_statements and Selection Control.

Formatting Your Code.

Amazing Grace and Debugging.

Accurate Use of And and Or


Week 4

(Oct 18)

Tutorials 7 and 8

Tutorial 7 Slides

Tutorial 8 Slides

Variables, Controls and Data Types, Operators

Computer ergonomics


Week 5

(Oct 25)

Tutorail 9.

Tutorial 9 Slides

Quiz 2 on Thursday. The topics including all the lecture and textbook materials since the last quiz. No make up quiz will be given without a prior permission or a certain situation such as serious illness.

Loops, If_statements and Selection Control, Variables, Controls and Data Types, Hungarian Notation Convention, Functions (Built-In) and Operators.

Global Variables, Functions (Built-In) and Methods.

Also check out Trouble Shooting Tips, Debugging Tools and a riddle.


Week 6

(Oct 31)

Tutorails 10 and 11.

Click on Quiz 2, then download the Word file. Bring the finished quiz on Wednesday.

Study different loops. Download a zip file of a project. View the form file.

Functions and Procedures.

Rnd ( ) function.

User Defined Procedures and Functions.

ASCII code, Number Systems, ASCII to Chip and VB Color Chart.

Sample Assembler Language.


Week 7

(Nov 8)

Tutorails 11 and 12. Start Tutorial 13.

Quiz 3 is on Thursday Tuesday, November 16.

No class on Thursday.


Week 8

(Nov 15)

Tutorails 13 and 14.

Quiz 3 on Tuesday.

Final Project Proposal is on Thursday, November 18.

Functions and Procedures.

Group Project for extra credit is on Thursday.


Week 9

(Nov 22)

Tutorails 15 and 16.

Final Project Draft 1 is Tuesday, November 23.

Random number generation with Rnd function. Sample program using Rnd function and user defined procedures and functions.



Week 10

(Nov 29)

Tutorails 17 and 18.

Quiz 4 is on Thursday.


Reading and writing to a file (for VB 6.0) and Chapter 9.

* Use the Internet Explorer to open these pages. You also need MS Word to view the documents.

Introduction to Visual Basic Script (VB Script)

Introduction to Active Server Pages (ASP)

Introduction to Visual Basic Applications (VBA)

VB Objects.

Dates and Times.

Week 11

(Dec 6)

Final Project Draft 2 is due on Thursday, December 9.

Final Project (the final draft) is due on Wed. December 15 at 10:30 a.m.

The Final Project Presentation is Wed. December 15 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00.

Please refer to the information at the top of this page for change.


Project worksheet in Web page format (sample sheet) and Word document format.

Classnotes in alphabetic order :Algorithm | Arrays | Assembler Language | ASCII code | ASP | Color Chart (VB) | Dates and Times | Debugging Tools | Flowchart | Formatting Your Code | Functions (Built-In) | Global Variables | Hungarian Notation Convention | If_statements and Selection Control | Loops | Methods | Multiple Forms | Number Systems | Objects | Operators | Procedures Functions | Pseudocode | Sorting and Searching an Array | Trouble Shooting Tips | Variables, Controls and Data Types | VBA | VB Script |

VB Resources