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Computer Survival Skills

Qualifications De Survie D'Ordinateur

Abilità Di Sopravvivenza Del Calcolatore

Habilidades De la Supervivencia De la Computadora



MIC 102 I - CA


Day 1

Course Introduction.

File Management

Introduction to MS Excel

  • Online Tutorials: Beginner or all Excel Tutorials
  • Cell, Column, and Rows
  • Autofill
  • Formatting cells edit: Home tab --> Font and Alignment
  • Formulas
  • Functions: Sum, Average, Count, Max, Min


  • Create an Excel sheet according to this file. No need to save, nor submit it.
  • Bring information of two wines you like. (the details is in the Course Info)
  • Create a account. Bring the login information to the next class. If you have a hotmail account, you may use it instead of creating a new account.

Day 2

Get the login name and password for the college student network.

Review the Day 1

  • Create an Excel sheet according to this file.
  • Change Sheet 1 to Day 1 (Why Day 1 on the day 2? I don't know).
  • Save it on the Desktop as YourLastName_FirstName.xlsx
  • At the end of the class, upload to the SkyDrive (explained later).


  • SkyDrive and Live accounts.
    1. Create a account using MIC_ + Student Login ID, e.g. "MIC_Ymoh0002".
    2. Use the same password as the Student network.
    3. Email me at
    4. I will add you in my Shared list of "the Wine List" file with EDIT rights.
    5. Once I share the Wine List file with you, I will let you know which rows you will enter your wine data.
    6. Close the file.
    7. For your classroom assignments, add me ( in the Contacts/Friends list. And add me in the shared list to their assignment file that you created at the beginning of the class today.

If time permitted, we explore the following topics:

  • More on Functions
  • More on Formula
  • Formatting cells (Font, Align, Number, & Merge)
  • Creating a table for practice purposes
  • Charts


  • Create the following table. AnswerKey
  • Construct additional tables (feeder tables) as we did in class.
  • Name the sheet to Day 2, and save the file in your SkyDrive. Share the file with

Day 3

We will enter the wine data into the Wine List.xlsx on SkyDrive together in class.

Ste Michelle Wine Estate - Wind Education



  1. Create a table showing daily sales figures for one month as shown above.
  2. Calculate the weekly
  3. Calculate the minimum, maximum, and average sales.
  4. Calculate the monthly total.
  5. Using the table as a template, create additional tables for two other months, i.e. February and March.
  6. Based on the data from three months, create a quarterly summary table. (e.g.)
  7. Create a chart based on the quarterly summary table.
  8. Save the file. It should update the file on the SkyDrive.
  9. Be sure to share the file with


Day 4

Start with the practice. Once you download, save the file as Day 4 Practice by your name in your SkyDrive.

Payroll Application 1

In the above exercise, we will cover:

  • Excel application design
  • Formula using cells in other sheets
  • Absolute reference
  • Cell formatting

A little bit of Data management using the Wine List file (You can also download the file from your site).

Day 5

Payroll Application 2

Excel for business plans:

Fine Dining Restaurant Business Plan


  • Linking between cells
  • Header/Footer (View - Page Layout - Design) (X)
  • Print previewing and printing a worksheet
  • Developing tables
  • Ab$olute and relative references



  • Start with this file.
  • Add a new sheet for Dry. Add the new information to the summary sheet.
dry pure olive oil oz. 0.17 0.50
dry red wine oz. 0.12 4.00
dry balsamic vinegar oz. 0.14 12.00
  • Print the Summary sheet with the normal and formula views.


Day 6


  • Fractions
  • Unit Conversion

Entering Fractions

  • To enter fractions, leave a space between the whole number and the fraction. For example, 1 1/8.
  • To enter a fraction only, enter a zero first. For example, 0 1/4. If you enter 1/4 without the zero, Excel will interpret the number as a date, January 4.
  • Inserting/Removing Rows/Columns

Unit Conversion


Open the data file and complete the rest of the conversion. Answer key


  • Start with this file.

  • Add a new sheet for Dry. Add the new information to the summary sheet.

dry pure olive oil oz. 0.17 0.50
dry red wine oz. 0.12 4.00
dry balsamic vinegar oz. 0.14 12.00
  • Print the Summary sheet with the normal and formula views.

Complete the assignment and submit the printouts next week. The key lesson is using the convert function. Use the information about CONVERT Function.

The Convert function is already installed on the lab computers, so you do not need to install it yourself.

Practice: German Chocolate Cake

Print the formula view (Ctrl key and ~ key), write your name, and submit it to the instructor.

Day 7


  • Revisit Convert function
  • Linking between sheets

To Dos:

Using German Chocolate Cake as a reference, create a recipe for 1X, 10X, and 100X for American Chocolate Cake.

Start with a recipe for American Chocolate Cake has to be written in German. How?

  1. At the Advanced google Search, search for "American Chocolate Cake Recipe" and set the language in German.
  2. From the search results page, click on the [Translate this page] link for

    Recipe in German for "Death by Chocolate" cake | Recipe ...

                         - [ Translate this page ]
  3. Convert the measurements in Excel to "American style", e.g. from grams to cups for flour and sugar.
  4. Add columns for 10X and 100X.
  5. In MS WORD, copy the recipe along with the converted ingredient lists for 1X, 10X, and 100X. You may use the google translation ( -- more -- even more -- translate).
  6. Save the WORD and Excel files as "Death by Chocolate" in your O:/ drive.


Answer keys: Excel and Word




Ignore the following:

Download and unzip Excel files from Chef Samuel on your desktop.

Explore and work on InventoryExcel Version.xls

Complete Yun's Inventory.xls


Day 8

Let's create a recipe book. Start with an Excel file.

We will work on COD Inventory Control. Download and unzip Excel files from Chef Samuel on your desktop.


  • Working with multiple sheets
  • Templates
  • Printing

Day 8.5




Before you leave,email your Excel files that you have been creating in class to the instructor for grading. Email them to me as attachment files. The email add is

In the email subject, enter your official name. E.g. "MIC 102E Coursework by Jane Doe".

Day 9, 10, and 11. (Independent-Lab Hours)

We do not meet in class for these days. Instead, you will complete online tutorials and submit assignments by an e-mail.

Complete and submit the Independent Lab Assignments by the end of Week 10 of the quarter.

Along with the Independent Lab assignments file, attach all other Excel files from the course to the email. Email address is: Be sure to attach all Excel files to one e-mail (do not sent files in separate e-mails).

I will reply with a confirmation at the end of the quarter. If you do not get a confirmation, let me know by e-mailing me at

A Reminder: These assignments will account for 30% of your final grade. You must do the assignments on your own.



Test Out

Downloda the follow two Excel files:

Send those two files to by the end of the class.