Seattle Central Community College
Communications and Design Division

MIC 102R - Dreamweaver


Course Title and Item Number:  Dreamweaver

Number of credits:  1

Instructor:      Yun Moh

Contact Information:   The best way to contact me is throgh e-mailing.

Office:    Communications & Design Division Office at room 2BE3176, Seattle Central Community College, Seattle, WA.


Course Description:  This course surveys Dreamweaver, software for Web page development.
Dreamweaver is currently the most widely used WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get) Web-page editing software, popular among professional Web developers and hobbyists. Using Dreamweaver, students will learn to create simple Web pages as well as dynamic and comprehensive Web sites.

The course is designed for students with basic computer and Internet knowledge who wish to explore professional Web development. It is also appropriate for those students who wish to enrich their knowledge of Internet web design tools.

The course structure consists of:

Course Objectives:

Course Outcome:  As a student completes the course, each one will be able to: 

Prerequisite: None.


1.       Text: A packet is available at the Copy Center. It costs $5.05 plus tax.

2.       Software:    Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. It is intalled at the college computer lab.

Computer Platform: 


Macintosh:  comparable models to the PC's listed above.

Teaching Methods:

  1. Instruction: For each session, the instructor will demontrate the main concepts and techniques. Then students will practice on those skills.
  2. Assignments: Rreadings on tutorials will be periodically assigned.
  3. Final Projects:  At the end of the course, you will create and install a Web site as a final project.  The project will be a “hands on” project wherein you will be using skills you learned throughout the course and follow a set of guidelines to produce required results.


Letter grades will be determined using a standard percentage point evaluation as outlined below. Grades MAY be curved after the total quarter points have been tabulated. However, do not count on a curve to obtain your desired grade.

A 4.0 90%-100%
B 3.0 80%-89%
C 2.0 70%-79%
D 1.0 60%-69%
F 0 Below 60%

The final grade will be computed on the following weights:


Each class counts for 12.5



3 in-class assignments. 10% each.



Final Project 20%
Total 100%

Course Policies:

Missed Classes: The student is responsible for keeping up with the course schedule.  It is very easy to let days pass by without working on your course materials.  Although you can study any time of the week for the course, I suggest you set up certain times and days of a week to study for the course.  Missed or late assignments cannot be made up under any circumstances, but, with a reasonabe cause and adequate notice, an early assignment may be given.

Assignments: All assignments are due by the end of each class.  Late submission of assignments will not be accepted. No exceptions will be made.

Academic Dishonesty: Plagiarism and cheating are serious offenses and may be punished by failure on an exam, assignment, or project; failure in the course; and/or expulsion from the college. For more information, refer to the "Academic Dishonesty" policy in the college catalog or student handbook.

Need for Assistance: If you have any condition, such as a physical or learning disability, which will make it difficult for you to carry out the work as I have outlined it, or which will require academic accommodations, please notify me as soon as possible.

Posting of Grades: Final grades will not be posted. If you wish to have your final grade sent to you, please mail me a self-addressed, stamped envelope by the end of the quarter.

Course Outline







  • Introduction to Macromedia and Dreamweaver.
  • Setup local and remote sites.
  • Basic Web pages.
  • Images.
  • Links.

Crate a simeple Web page with text and images.

Reading assignment.

See the weight of each assignment.


  • Editting HTML.
  • More on images.
  • More on Links.

Create a simple Web site with the techniques learned in the class, and upload it to a Web server.

Reading assignment.

See the weight of each assignment.


  • Fonts and Characters.
  • Tables.
  • Image Maps.

Create a simple Web site with the techniques learned in the class, and upload it to a Web server.

Reading assignment.

See the weight of each assignment.


  • Frames.
  • Layers.
  • Forms.

Final Project: Create a Web site with the techniques learned in the entire course, and upload it to a Web server.


The Final Project

You will be developing a web site consisting at least 3 to 5 web pages.  You may not use any sort of a Web editor application for the project. 

The final project will include all concepts and techniques that the course discussed.  They will include, but are not limited to internal and external hyperlinks, images, image maps, frames, tables, and forms.  The structure and the content of the web site are up to the student, but it must be approved by the instuctor.

A proposal of the web site needs to be approved by the instructor by the end of the 2nd class.