Site and FTP Setup

To start a new Web site and upload it to the server, you need to setup a site. In the process you set up the FTP to upload the files to a Web server. Here, you will use your student Web account.

To start the setup:

  1. Start Dreamweaver.
  2. Go to the Site menu > New Site...
  3. Click Site tab. End the Site Name. For the Local Site Folder, select the folder containing the site files. If this is a new site, create a folder as you select the folder. These are for your local computer side.
  4. Now, let's set up the FTP. Click the Servers tab, and then the + sign to add a new Web server information.
  5. Enter the following information. The detail instruction is below the image.

    - Server Name: You may name it as you want.
    - FPT Address: Enter
    - Username: Enter your user name from EdNet Login Name List at
    user name
    - Password: Last 6-digits of your Student ID Number.
    - Press the Test button. If not connected, check the information.
    - Press Save.
  6. Now you can upload file(s). Select a file(s) to upload, then click on the Upload arrow..

  7. From EdNet Login Name List at, click your user ID to go to your site.

  8. Here is the Web site and the index.html page.
    Your Web site

* The details from the college Web master is at and you have 20 Mb of space.

** The site will stay while you are registered at the college.