File Management


Using the files provided, explore the file/folder structure.

  1. Download this zip file to your computer's Desktop.
  2. Unzip (how to unzip?) the zip file onto your Desktop. You will use the unzipped files for the practice.
  3. Explore the folders using Windows Explorer, and try to understand how the folders and sub folders are organized.
  4. Practice moving, copying, re-naming, deleting files and folders.



Follow the instructions below, and submit it as instructed by the instructor.

  1. In Windows Explorer, create a folder named Assignments by Your Name in your My Documents.
  2. In the new folder, create a directory structure as shown below us.  The names in bold letters are folder names. The folders with this background means they are the top level folders, the folders with this background color means, they are sub-folder level, and the this color means they are sub-sub-folders.
    File Map



    Personal Finance.xlsx



    Southwest Airlines reservation.html

      Letter to Friend.docx
    letter to me.docx



    dish picture 1.jpg
    fruit salad.jpg
    ram shank.jpg

    My recipe.docx
    My recipe 2.docx




    Employee Management









    On your screen, the above folder structure would look like this (without the files):

  3. Download this zip file (it contains the files that you will use), and unzip it on your Desktop.
  4. Using the files, populate the Assignments by Your Name folder, i.e. move the files to the designated folders according to the file map above.
  5. Once you complete the assignment, zip (How to zip a folder?) your Assignment by Your Name folder, and submit it.

************************ 1 11Dab-An 1 1 1 1***************************














How to Zip a Folder

  1. In the Windows Explorer, right-click on the folder or the file that you want to zip.
    For example, you were to zip a folder called MIC 102CA, right-click on the icon of the folder.

  2. In the drop down menu, choose Send To option, and then Compressed (zipped) Folder.

  3. The zipped file will appear in the folder that is at the same level as the folder that is zipped.

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How to Zip a Folder

  1. Once you click on the link, a download dialog box will prompt. Click the Save button.
    File Download window

  2. Save the zip file on the Desktop.
    Save the zip file

  3. On the Download Complete window, click the Open button.
    Download Complete window

  4. On the Windows Explorer window, click on Extract All Files.
    Extract zip file

  5. On the Extract Wizard window, click on Next button.
    Extract Wizard window

  6. On the following windows, click on Next and Yes buttons.
  7. Once extraction is complete, you should be able to access the unzipped files on the Desktop.

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