Introduction Letter to MIC 120 ONLINE & HYBRID


Welcome to the course!
My name is Yun Moh, and I am the instructor for MIC 120 ACCESS ONLINE and HYBRID sections. You are enrolled one of either the online or the hybrid section this quarter. This is a brief introduction to the course (a link to the course syllabus is at the bottom of this page).

The course utilizes online tools to communicate, study, and “meet” online at a course Web site:  
The User Id is your student ID number (e.g. 980123456), and the password is “angel”. If you are a returning student to ANGEL, use your existing User ID and password.

Please, logon to the course Web site on the first day of the quarter (after 10 AM) and get started – don’t wait until the weekend. You have the first assignment due this Wednesday. Once you logon, you will find all information you need at the Web site. If you have a question, email from the Web site (under the Communicate tab).

For students who do not yet have the access to the course Web site or want to have a head-start, use the follow information to get started:

Software and Hardware

We are using the following book for this class:

GO! With Microsoft Access 2007, Comprehensive, First Edition
Authors: Gaskin, McLellan, Dozier, Townsend
Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN-10: 0132327627
ISBN-13:  9780132327626

THREE copies of the textbook are on reserve in our college’s library. You may borrow the textbook for a 3-hour period at a time.
PLEASE keep them in a good shape and always, return the books with the CD and especially, on time.


We are using the following software for this class:

Microsoft Access 2007

The college computer labs are equipped with MS Access 2007.

You may get a free copy of  MS Access 2007, from the IT Programs office at room 3176.
However, you need to request a copy first at 
Use your Student Identification Number (SID) for Student Identifier.
Once you file the request, pick up the CD at room 3176.  

You may order Microsoft Office 2010 Professional version from the college bookstore Web site. Here is how:
  1. Go to
  2. Go to the Bookstore under Student Recourses (I am not sure if this link works, so you may have to start from the Seattle Central site).
  3. Click on Technology link on the horizontal navigation bar.
  4. Click on Software.
  5. Select Washington, and then Seattle Central CC.
  6. Select MS Academic Discounts.
  7. Chose either MS Office Professional or Enterprise. If the price is the same, I would go with the Enterprise since it has more applications.
  8. If they require you to present an email address from the college, here is how:
Here are the screen shots of the ordering process.


If you do not yet get the access to the course Web site at ANGEL Learning, here is a partial list of Week 1 assignments:

Textbook Assignment: Chapter 1. Submit the assignment files in the course Web site at ANGEL Learning.

If you do not get an access to the course Web site by Wednesday, please email me at and contact the Distance Learning at NP304 (206) 587-4060

Here is a link to the course syllabus for HYBRID and ONLINE.

Yun Moh
Seattle Central Community College
Room: 2BE 3176-F
1701 Broadway
Seattle, WA  98122

Yun Moh