Introduction Letter to MIC 101 ONLINE


Welcome to the course!
My name is Yun Moh, and I am the instructor for MIC 101-ONLINE section that you are enrolled this quarter. This is a brief introduction to the course.

It is an ONLINE course which means we “meet” exclusively online. The ONLINE format is design to give you the schedule flexibility and a dynamic learning environment. We will have asynchronous interactions through discussion, email, and other communication channels. The attendance is required which you can fulfill by logging in to the course Web site a few times a week.. A link to the course syllabus is at the bottom of this page.

The online classroom is at:  
The User Id is your student ID number (e.g. 980123456), and the password is the first 5 letters of your last name.

Please, logon to the course Web site on the first day of the quarter (after 10 AM) and get started – don’t wait until the on-campus class day. You have a lot to do before the class day.

You have the first assignment due this Wednesday. Once you logon, you will find all information you need at the Web site. If you have a question, post it at the Q&A Forum or email from the Web site (both under the Communicate tab).

For students who do not yet have the access to the course Web site or want to have a head-start, use the follow information to get started:

Software and Hardware

The course is based on Microsoft Office 20010 (Word 2010, Excel 2010, Access 2010, and PowerPoint 2010). The college Computer Center have all required applications, so may choose to study at the computer lab without purchasing the software.. Expect 4-6 lab-hours per week.

If you need to study off-campus, you will need a PC with the applications. The college bookstore's Technology Center offers the software with student discount. Be sure to get "Microsoft Office 2010 Professional". It should be around $80.

If you need just Access 2010, you can get a free copy from the college. For details, ask the instructor (It is a good question to post in the Q&A Forum).

The course is also based on Microsoft Windows 7. You need a PC with Internet connection and Adobe Flash player.

Required Textbook and SAM Training Account

You need a textbook bundle (the textbook and SAM account) from the college bookstore . The bundle contains the textbook and a SAM 2010 Access Code. The following is the details:

The Textbook: Microsoft Office 2010: Illustrated Introductory, First Course, 1st Edition

SAM 2010 Access Code: Skills Assessment Manager (SAM) 2010 is required.

This is a custom package specifically designed for Seattle Central. It contains a textbook and an SAM Access Code.

I strongly suggest you getting the textbook bundle from the college bookstore for the best price. Often times, purchasing the textbook and the SAM Access Code separately from an outside vendor can cost more and take extra days.
The title of the textbook is "Microsoft Office 2010: Illustrated Introductory, First Course, 1st Edition", and you should see the SAM card in front

If you already have the textbook without the SAM 2010 Access Code, you may get the SAM 2010 separately from the college bookstore or an online vendor. The price is around $85 (do not get a "used" one, i.e. one with a broken seal).  

If you do not yet have the access to the course Web site at ANGL Learning, here is a partial list of Week 1 assignments:

Internet Search

Explore the following links and learn the basics of searching information in the Internet

What to Submit: 

Conduct an Internet search on copyright laws in Digital Millennium Act and Fair Use. 

  • List the URLs of at least 3 Web pages and a short summary of each Web page.
  • Submit the assignment in a MS WORD file named Internet Search Assignment by YourFirstName YourLastName.
  • Submit the WORD file in the course Web site ANGEL.

Word Unit A (from the textbook)


Read and complete the step-by-step instructions in the unit (pages Word 1 through 17) in the textbook. In addition, complete Skills Review and Independent Challenge 1 assignments at the end of the unit.
Save the document files in the Word Unit A folder as specified in the textbook (Word --> Unit A folder).
Submit the following assignments:  For the best scores, preview the Grading Rubric at the bottom of the page.
  • The document file(s) from the step-by-step instruction (pages Word 1-17): WD A-Morocco Tour Memo_YourLastName_YourFirstName and WD A_Kai Fax_YourLastName_YourFirstName. The basic rule of file naming convention is adding _YourLastName_YourFirstName at the end of the file names provided in the textbook.
  • Skills Review (pages Word 19-20): WD A-Donner Fax_YourLastName_YourFirstName and WD A-Sold Out Fax_YourLastName_YourFirstName
  • Independent Challenge 1 (page Word 21): WD A-Gupta Letter_YourLastName_YourFirstName.

Submit the files in the course Web site at ANGEL.

Here is a link to the course syllabus site.

If you do not get an access to the course Web site by Wednesday, please let me know by an email to

Yun Moh
Seattle Central Community College
Room: 2BE 3176-F
1701 Broadway
Seattle, WA  98122

Yun Moh