Introduction Letter to MIC 151 ONLINE


Welcome to the course!
My name is Yun Moh, and I am the instructor for MIC 151-ONLINE section that you are enrolled this quarter. This is a brief introduction to the course (a link to the course syllabus is at the bottom of this page).

It is an ONLINE course which means we “meet” online at a course Web site.

How do I access my class?


Student ID Number    (9 digits)
Example: 123456789


First 5 letters of your last name    (all lowercase)
Example: Kelly O'Brien = obrie     Jill Wu = wuwuw

Here are some additional suggestions for your success:

Where and how do I get help?

Contact an eLearning Navigator:

JB Magpantay:
Judilynn Rodriguez:

Canvas Help guide:

Chat line:

eLearning email:


(206) 934-4060


Canvas Help Only: Student Help Desk, room 2102

eLearning Office: 1701 Broadway,  BE1140,    Seattle, WA 98122
Office Hours:
      Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday   8am - 4:30pm
      Tuesday   8am - 6:30pm



Please, logon to the course Web site on the first day of the quarter (after 10 AM) and get started – please, do not wait until the weekend. You have the first assignment due this Saturday. Once you logon, you will find all information you need at the Web site. If you have a question, email the instructor using the course email from the course Web site. Here is how:

How to email the instructor

All weekly assignments are located in the Modules. Refer to the image below:

Assignments are in the Modules


Using the follow information, you can have a head start before you get the access to the course Web site:

Software and Hardware

You do not need a special software for the course. You will use a basic text editing application (Notepad for PC and TextEdit for Mac) that comes with your computer. You will also need Internet Explorer and FireFox/Chrome/Opera.

textbook coverRequired Textbook

You may purchase the textbook at the campus bookstore (206-587-4148), the publisher's web site (, or an online textbook merchant.

The e-book option is also available at around $40. A limitation of the e-book option is that you can view it on your computer only. Without a special software, you cannot use it on other computers such as the computers at the computer lab. It may be different now.

Until you get the textbook, you may start with a sample e-Book chapter for Tutorial 1.

Tutorial 1

To do the coursework with the textbook, you need data files. Download the files from here in one zip file. It is a 80Mb file, so it may take some time.

The file you download is a zip file, so it needs to be unzipped before you can use the data files. To unzip, right-click on the file in either MyComputer or Windows Explorer. Here is a video demonstration of how to download the data files.

Unzip the file on your Desktop.

Alternatively, you may also download the files from the publisher's Web site

The insturctions on how to download is at


What to Do:

  • Read and complete Tutorial 1 up to page 59. At the end, you have have one html file (jprop.htm) in the tutorial folder inside of tutorial.01 folder (tutorial.01/tutorial). 
  • After completing the tutorial, complete the Review Assignments (pages HTML 61-63) and Case Problem 1 (pages HTML 63-65) at the end of the Tutorial 1. Be sure using the file names instructed in the textbook and saving them in the folders provided in student data files folder.

The grade will be based on the completeness and correctness of assignments from the Tutorial, Review Assignments, and Case Problem 1.

Use Notepad (how?)in PC or TextEdit (how?) in Mac.  Notepad is under Start - Programs - Accessories. If you are a Mac user, refer to the instruction under the Class tab.

To submit the textbook assignments, zip the tutorial.01 folder and attached the zip file on the assignments page in the course Web site at Angel.  I will post my comments and grades here after the deadline.  If you are new to zipping files, refer to the How to Zip folder (in the Assignments folder) for detail. 

  • Please, do not email the assignments.


Here is a link to the course syllabus.

If you do not get an access to the course Web site by Wednesday, please email me at and contact the Distance Learning at 2BE1140 (206) 587-4060

Yun Moh
Seattle Central Community College
Room: 2BE 3176-F
1701 Broadway
Seattle, WA  98122

Yun Moh