Emergency Preparedness

Key Issues

(1) which stairwell you will take as a class (your back up stairwell) [note that most people don't know stairwells by letters so it is most helpful to take 5 minutes and walk as a class to that stairwell]

(2) set up a buddy system for your students with disabilities or for all of your students (to make sure everyone has help getting out okay)

(3) announce that students in wheel chairs or needing help down the stairs should go to the center elevators to wait for someone from security to take them down [in the event of lost power and the elevators don't work, students needing help will they go to the stairwell "A" which is nearest to the center elevator, should go inside the stairwell/fire doors, and safety people will help them down].

(4) If there is a consistent fire alarm sound...we all leave the building immediately. plain and simple (grab belonging with them and go)

(5) make sure all students are aware of where you will do a head-count outside of the building once you exit to account for your class. If you know someone is missing who isn't accounted for, please let a floor leader (in an orange vest) know. Please let students know we are doing this and that they need to meet as a class so we know who is safe.

For more deatil, visit our emergency procedure Web page at http://seattlecentral.edu/security/emergency.php.