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Physics 223

Waves, Oscillations, Optics




Term Project



Need help with Physics?

Mastering Physics

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Project Resources



Download these templates and use them for submitting your deliverables. I will not accept 'last-minute sketches'. You are free to attach other pages/documents but make sure to add your names at the top of every page.

Deliverable 1: Proposal template

Deliverable 2: Design Plan template

Deliverable 3: Status Report template

Deliverable 4: Final Report/Calculations template

Deliverable 5: Poster (submit an electronic copy as well as a hardcopy of your poster separately)




Videos of Project Presentations from the Past


Some links for inspiration:
Note: On some of these sites project kits are being offered for sale. I am listing these sites for you to get ideas for possible projects.

Project Ideas: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Also: google Arduino projects

Another one: Makezine


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