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Physics 223

Waves, Oscillations, Optics




Term Project



Need help with Physics?

Mastering Physics

Engineering Program

Note: more to be added as we go through the quarter. Your contributions are welcome (send me an email)

Physics Applets Walter Fendt

Physics Applets Phet

Surendranath applets

Surendranath main page

Falstad applets

Online Physics Lab:



Why you hear what you hear

Slinky Drop in Australia


Slow-Mo guys in playground


Simple Harmonic Motion:



Applet with up to three polarizers:

2-D interference:


Aluminum Rods on Youtube


Single and Double Slit interference:


Huygens' principle:


Optical Illusions


Spanish Castle




Lecture on optical instruments

The electric field of a quadrupole with binomial approximation

Taylor Series review here

An excellent math website with online notes, by Paul Dawkins

MIT lecture series: a program that provides actual video-taped lectures and material of MIT classes on the web for free. the course list is huge... and about 100 or so of the courses are available in video. Find info here.


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Last updated: June 2, 2014

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