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Physics 221







Need help with Physics?

Mastering Physics

Engineering Program

Note: more to be added as we go through the quarter. Your contributions are welcome (send me an email)

Physics Applets Walter Fendt

Physics Applets Phet

Surendranath applets

Surendranath main page

Online Physics Lab:

Physics 2000

How to plot data in Excel and add a trendline to your data. Here

Lab Group Template.


Free Fall:

Falling through the center of Earth Nova, PBS, Tyson, linked also here

Free fall in vacuum: Hammer and Falcon Feather Demo on the Moon

Conservation of Energy:
LineRider: lets you draw tracks on which a little boy with a sled has to go down. If you don't do it right, he'll crash. Some folks with too much free time have put elaborate working tracks here.


MIT lecture series: a program that provides actual video-taped lectures and material of MIT classes on the web for free. the course list is huge... and about 100 or so of the courses are available in video. Find info here.


We are not covering relativistic effects in this course but this demo is too neat to be ignored :).

Last updated: September 25, 2016

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