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Engr225 Mechanics of Materials










Engineering Program


Chapter 3 Links:

Nice lineup of videos, we are mostly interested in tensile testing:

Extensometer wikipedia Epsilon example

Tensile test video by Intertek

Tensile test video plastic

Al tensile test

Some info on how dislocations cause yielding

Tensile test annealed Cu

How Tinius affects you every day: gives some insight into the amount and kinds of testing that everyday items undergo

NDT intro to stress and strain and tensile testing


Chapter 8: Combined Loadings: Mark French, Purdue University

Fun video showing the importance of using the right materials for the right job. Aircraft wings under testing.

Free online textbook

and another one from MIT:


Stress Transformations:

More info on what happens in 3-D:


SI base units

Matrix Solver for Excel

For kids (and the kid in us):
Bridge Design
Online Lab Activities

Videos to Watch:

This is a 4 part series of videos. Choose a video on the left and search around for the watch button. Free online.


Nice site to help with load-shear-moment diagrams Note that I have not played around with it a whole lot (or checked for bugs) but the first impression was good.




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