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Engr214 Statics







Review Problems

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Engineering Program

The calendar is updated as we move through the quarter. There will most likely be changes. Check often. Go to current week.

Assigned reading for a particular day should be read before that day's lecture, not afterwards!


What we will cover

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June 29-July 2

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Introduction: read Chapter 1

Vectors: read Chapter 2

Forces and Free-body diagrams: read 3.1-3.2


Project Info


July 6-9

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Forces and Free-body diagrams: read 3.3-3.4

System of forces and moments: read 4.1-4.2

Hw 1: due Monday

Quiz 1: Wednesday (covers chapters 1 and 2)


July 13-16

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System of forces and moments: read 4.3-4.6

Objects in equilibrium: read 5.1-5.2

Hw 2: due Monday

Quiz 2: Wednesday (covers chapter 3)


July 20-23

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Objects in equilibrium: read 5.3-5.5

Hw 3: due Monday

Quiz 3: Wednesday (covers chapter 4)

Bridge project: proposal due Thursday


July 27-30

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Structures in equilibrium: read 6.1-6.5
Mathematica files Example from 6.4, Problem 6.57

Hw 4: due Monday

Quiz 4: Wednesday (covers chapter 5)


Aug 3-6

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Centroids and Centers of Mass: read 7.1-7.3

Moments of Inertia: read 8.1, 8.2, 8.4

Hw 5: due Monday

Quiz 5: Wednesday (covers chapter 6)

Bridge project: modeling results due Thursday


Aug 10-13

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Internal Forces and Moments: read 10.1-10.2 Patricks Schnitzeljagd

Hw 6: due Monday

Quiz 6: Wednesday (tba)

Bridge project: test days are Wednesday and Thursday


Aug 17-20

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Review on Monday, Quiz on Tuesday, Failure Analysis W/Th

Hw 7: due Monday

Quiz 7: Tuesday (the material we covered in Ch. 7,8,10)

Bridge project: failure analysis on Wednesday and Thursday

Some notes on homework assignments:
1. Start early, don't procrastinate. The homework assignments are essential in understanding what we cover in class.
2. Turn the homework in on time! You may not receive full credit if it is late.
3. Work with others but turn in your own work.
4. On top of every assignment you must write your name and the assignment number. If this information is missing you may not receive full credit.
5. The homework must be clean, clearly structured and legible. You may not receive full credit if your work is not legible or if I don't understand it. I will not always worry about this but beware that I may. If your work tends to be on the messy side :) you might want to solve problems on scratch paper first and then write it out clean for submission.
6. Box your final answers.
7. If you are stuck on a particular problem or if you feel that something is incorrect, state specifically where and why you are stuck. Often stating the problem helps us find help and solutions.
8. If you don't have time to do all problems state that. Within reasonable limits there will be no deductions.
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Last updated: October 8, 2013

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