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Engr204 Circuits









Engineering Program


If you find helpful links, please let me know and I will include them on this page.


Equipment recommendations

Note: you will not have to buy any equipment for this course but if you are interested in building your own 'tool shed' for lateron, here is a starting point:

Complete starter kit (includes soldering equipment and multimeter, site has three kits, varying in price and sophistication): (I like the site because it recommends kits that include things you might not be aware of)


How to work with a multimeter

Nice introduction on how to work with a multimeter, explains in sufficient detail and has videos, more links and equipment recommendations:



All About Circuits:

Circuits and Electronics 6.002x MIT online course

Circuits and Electronics 6.002 MIT open courseware (videolectures)



How to solve a system of linear equations with Excel: youtube, and Excel Matrix solver that does it for 2x2 to 6x6 matrices (can be easily adapted to more)

... or with Mathematica


Free circuit simulator:

Free Software to draw and analyze circuits: SolveElec (Mac and PC)


Chapter 5:

General info on amplification:

Nice applet for showing basic op amp behavior: (use for op amp, open-loop)

Another nice one: (use for Lecture Examples 1-3)

More info on op amps: (Check out section 3.1 for a nice treatment of ideal op amp assumptions).

Op Amp Application Guide:

Op Amp Circuit Collection:







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