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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                           June 20, 2004


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Helping to squirt a real fire hose was the highlight of a recent tour of the Woodinville Fire Department by preschoolers from Northshore Community Co-op Preschool .  The children, all wearing red plastic firefighter's helmets given to them by Public Educator David Leggett, also got to sit in the driver's seat of a fire truck. 


The children first viewed brief film on fire safety: the children were told to never play with matches, and shown the "stop, drop and roll" drill in case their clothing should ever catch fire.  The fire station was one of several field trips to local points of interest this year for the preschoolers, along with the Kenmore Air Harbor and the Gold Creek Trout Farm.


Northshore Community Co-op Preschool is run by parents, who attend school ne day a week with their child.  Moms and dads participate in parent education while the children play and learn in the stimulating environment provided.  For further information, call (425) 485-4860.


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