Be prepared

       Research--Information is power.

       Learn the clients needs.

Do the Numbers

       Know your bottom line.

       Walk through several "what if" scenarios beforehand.

Be client-centered

       Describe your value in relation to the the client's needs.

       Look for ways to add value without lowering your price.

Negotiating is also about personality and timeliness.


       Be honest and fair.

       Be inquisitive.

       Listen carefully.

Be prepared for disagreement.

       Be cooldont get personal.

       Look for the common ground.

       Set disagreements aside until later.

       Be creative with payments, additional services.

       Make concessions graciously, not grudgingly.



Expect the unexpected.

       Sidestep--address in with other issues later.

       Ask for more time to mull it over.

       Avoid rash decisionsyou have to live with them.

       Project confidence, organize your thoughts.

       Least leverageproject the most self-confidence.

Be vigilantwatch out for whats been omitted.


       Open high--avoid significant early concessions.

       State your price without squirming or apologizing.

        Precede your bid with reasons why you're the best candidate for the project.

       Dont sell yourself short.

        It may cause your clients to respect you less.

        Makes it hard to increase your price.

       Know two absolute figures: the highest amount your services are worth and the lowest amount youll accept.

Close like a pro.

       The green Mazda or the silver Honda?

       Make your ultimatum soft: "I understand your position but I just cannot see how I can go any lower."

Finalize all agreements verbally or in writing

Stop selling. Shift gears quickly and begin working on the project.