èGuidelines issued by EEOC and other federal and state agencies


èAsk only JOB-RELATED questions



§        What is your age/height/weight/complexion/color of skin (eyes, hair)/date of birth?

§        When did you attend school?

§        Do you own or rent your home?

§        What is your birthplace/family’s birthplace/maiden name?

§        Are you a U.S. citizen?

§        Questions concerning race, nationality, lineage, ancestry, national origin, descent, or parentage

§        Marital/family status

§        Provisions for childcare, pregnancy, childbearing or birth control

§        Names or addresses of relatives, spouse, or children of adult applicant.

§        With whom does applicant reside, length of residence.

§        Requesting a photograph before employment is offered

§        Applicant’s general medical condition, state of health, or illness of applicant or of family member.

§        Receipt of worker’s compensation benefits

§        Do you have any mental or physical disabilities or handicaps?

§        Arrest record, refusal or cancellation of bonding unless in a security-related position.  OK to ask if they have been convicted of a felony.

§        Service in foreign military

§        Applicant’s current or past assets (including ownership of a car), liabilities, or credit rating, including prior bankruptcies unless job-related

§        Requiring a list of organizations to which applicant belongs

§        Questions to applicant’s former employers or references which elicit information that is illegal to ask for in an interview

§        Questions regarding religious obligations that would prevent an individual from being available to work on Friday evenings, Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.

§        Questions seeking the names and addresses of relatives (as opposed to persons) to be notified in case of accident or emergency.

§        Asking a female candidate whether her family will object to her working at night

§        Asking a female candidate whether she has any reason to believe she might require any leave for medical reasons during the next calendar year

§        Asking an older candidate whether they feel they can keep up with the younger employees in the department

§        How do you expect to do this job when you are blind?

§        Discriminatory remarks such as, “I’ll bet you’re a good dancer” or, “I don’t know how you people eat that kind of food.  It makes me burp”, or “Are you trying to be superwoman?

§        How did you lose your leg?

§        How strong is your back?

§        Have you ever taken a leave of absence for health reasons?

§        Are your parents healthy?

§        What did your parents die of?

§        What is the prognosis for your disease?

§        Is your skin condition caused by a disease?

§        How do you manage in the bathroom?

§        Do you have any physical or mental disability/handicap that will require reasonable accommodation?

§        Have you ever abused alcohol?

§        Is anyone in your family disabled?