Grading ACCT& 201, 202, 203

Your grade will be determined according to three criteria: your effort in completing the homework, labs and quizzes; your performance on the examinations, and your presence in the class.


Your Timely Effort in Completing Homework, Labs, Quizzes--200 points

Accounting is a practical subject. Accountants are involved in the accounting cycle--a set of steps that involve analysis, processing, and summarization of transactions. I want to measure your grasp of this process. The homework I assign will give you sufficient practice in mastering this set of skills.

The lab assignments will help you to achieve efficiency by using a computer to compress the process.

The quizzes will help you to make sharp distinctions in how we define and manipulate accounting concepts.

Accountants work within deadlines. The deadlines for this class will be reasonable, and your timeliness will be recorded and evaluated. The homework portion of your grade, if completed in a timely fashion, is worth 100 points. The quizzes and labs will contribute 100 points as well, if completed in a timely fashion.


Your Performance on the Exams--200 points

There will be two exams--a midterm and a final. A sample exam will be distributed a few days prior to the exam. It is important that you attempt the sample, and the instructor may ask you to show that you completed it. Each of the two exams will be worth 100 points.


Your Presence in the Class--100 points

Your instructor wants you to succeed in this class. Success in an Accounting class is a combination of reading, study, attending class, and active participation evidenced by completing homework, labs and quizzes. Your textbook is an excellent introduction to Accounting topics; additionally, the instructor's websites, and the publisher's websites provide more than adequate content on the subject.

What does it mean to be present in a class? The instructor will try to measure this criterion by taking attendance, trying to learn your name, asking you to say something in class, working with you during office hours, or communicating with you via the internet. Your timely response indicates that you are actively engaged in the class, and making gradual progress toward a successful finish. In modern times, your physical presence may also be enhanced by your presence on the internet or through email.

A good question to ask yourself (in any class, not just Accounting), is this: does the instructor know who you are? If the answer is "no," then you should take steps to make the answer "yes." Remember that Seattle Central is only the beginning of your successful professional life. Use your experience here to build for further success later on, by attending your classes, engaging in the excellent student leadership activities at SCCC, and communicating actively with your instructors.

Your grade is the result of about 10 weeks of study, and each day counts equally--don't think of the exam days as the only days that matter, as your grade is not based solely on the exams. Education is a gradual process, and this is the way your efforts should be evaluated.

Questions about the grading process will be answered by the instructor, but in the end, the instructor makes the decision on your grade.


Midterm Grade

The instructor believes that it would be helpful to provide a midterm grade to each student--after the first exam. This midterm grade will include the grading criteria listed above, based on the timely submission of all items up to that point. If there are deficiencies in the number or timeliness submissions, the midterm grade will be a signal to bring all work up to date.


Grade Standards

The grades will be awarded using the following table:

Percentage of Total Points













Minimum Passing Grade