ACCT& 202 Principles of Accounting II    
Winter 2013 0005 Section 01 Daily 8:00-8:50 am in BPH 0
  0006 Section 02 Daily 11:00 am-11:50 in BPH 0
Instructor: Michael P. O'Neill Office: MT 301: 801 East Pine No. 301 (third floor)
Email: Use this email for all "issues" Use this email for HW only, as directed by instr.
Phone   206-934-4336 Lab Friday in BE3173--both sections
Acct& 202 is a 5-credit course that continues the study of Financial Accounting, focusing on plant and
equipment, short- and long-term liabilities, partnership and corporation equity, bond financing and cash flows.
Present value concepts and applications are also included.
Warren, Reeve & Duchac, Accounting, 24th Edition, South Western Cengage Learning, 2008.
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Date Day Topic Assignments
2-Jan-13 W Introduction Fall 2011 Syllabus
    Chapter 10: Plant Assets Login to CengageNow:
3-Jan-13 Th Determining Cost: Capitalizing
4-Jan-13 F Lab  
7-Jan-13 M Asset Exchanges Obj 10-3 Asset Disposals
8-Jan-13 T Natural Resources Obj 10-4 Natural Resources--Depletion
9-Jan-13 W Balance Sheet Presentation Obj 10-5 Intangible Assets-Amortization
10-Jan-13 Th Intangible Assets Obj 10-6 Reporting Assets
11-Jan-13 F Lab Obj 10-7 Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio
14-Jan-13 M Chapter 11: Current Liabilities Obj 11-2 Payroll
15-Jan-13 T Payroll Obj 11-3 Payroll Accounting Systems
16-Jan-13 W Payroll Continued Obj 11-4 Fringe Benefits
17-Jan-13 Th Sales Tax/Warranties/Notes Payable Obj 11-5 Contingent Liabilities--Warranties
18-Jan-13 F Lab Obj 11-6 Quick Ratio
21-Jan-13 M Holiday:M.L.King Day Obj 13-3 Issuing Stock
22-Jan-13 T Chapter 13: Corporations Obj 13-3 Issuing Stock & Distributing Dividends
23-Jan-13 W Stockholders' Equity Obj 13-4 Cash and Stock Dividends
24-Jan-13 Th Closing, Dividends, Ret. Earnings Obj 13-5 Treasury Stock
25-Jan-13 F Lab  
28-Jan-13 M Stock Dividend and Stock Split Obj 13-6 Reporting Retained Earnings
29-Jan-13 T Market Capitalization Obj 13-7 Stock Splits
30-Jan-13 W PE Ratio Obj 13-8 Earnings Per Share (EPS)
31-Jan-13 Th Earnings Per Share  
1-Feb-13 F Lab  
4-Feb-13 M Present Value Concepts (Web) Future Value and Present Value
5-Feb-13 T Annuities and Lump Sums Present Value of Annuity
6-Feb-13 W Future Value vs. Present Value  
7-Feb-13 Th Examination I (Ch 10, 11, PV)  
8-Feb-13 F Lab  
11-Feb-13 M Chapter 14 Long Term Liabilities Obj 14-3 Journal Entries for Bonds Payable
12-Feb-13 T Mortgage Amortization Obj 14-4 Installment Notes Payable
13-Feb-13 W Bond Issuance Obj 14-6 Times Interest Earned
14-Feb-13 Th Premium/Discount Amortization  
15-Feb-13 F Lab  
18-Feb-13 M Holiday--Presidents' Day  
19-Feb-13 T Chapter 15 Investments  
20-Feb-13 W Accounting Theory  
21-Feb-13 Th Investment Classes  
22-Feb-13 F Lab  
25-Feb-13 M Chapter 16 Cash Flow Statement Obj 16-1 Reporting Cash Flows
26-Feb-13 T T-Account Approach Obj 16-2 The Indirect Method
27-Feb-13 W The Indirect Method Obj 16-4 Measuring Free Cash Flow
28-Feb-13 Th    
1-Mar-13 F Lab  
4-Mar-13 M Chapter 17 Financial Analysis CengageNow Problems on Financial Ratios
5-Mar-13 T Profitability Ratios  
6-Mar-13 W Vertical/Horizontal Analysis  
7-Mar-13 Th Per Share Ratios  
8-Mar-13 F Lab  
11-Mar-13 M Chapter 12 Partnerships Obj 12-2 Partner Contributions & Income Sharing
12-Mar-13 T Formation Obj 12-3 Partnership Admission and Withdrawal
13-Mar-13 W Sharing Net Income or Loss Obj 12-4 Partnership Liquidation
14-Mar-13 Th Partnership Agreement Obj 12-5 Statement of Partners' Equity
15-Mar-13 F Lab Obj 12-6 Revenue Per Employee
18-Mar-13 M Review for Final Exam  
19-Mar-13 T    
20-Mar-13 W Final Exam, Section 01 8:00am to 10:00 am
    Final Exam, Section 02 10:30am to 12:30 pm
21-Mar-13 Th    
22-Mar-13 F End of Fall Quarter