YOUR NAME _______________________ TODAY'S DATE ______________

YOUR PHONE NUMBER & EMAIL ADDRESS __________________________



ADMISSION TO A UNIVERSITY (WHICH ONES?)_______________________
Why are you seeking admission to this college?


SCHOLARSHIP (WHICH ONES)_______________________________

What is your reason for seeking this scholarship?


DO YOU HAVE AN SCCC TRANSCRIPT? If so, attach it to this document. Unofficial transcript is preferred.



How long have you attended Seattle Central? _______________

Which of my classes did you attend?__________________

What were your grades in my classes?_________________

What is your overall grade point average?_________


Have you participated in any clubs, student organizations, or volunteer groups?

Explain/Describe what you did in the organization:

Have you worked in a paid job situations, including on-campus? Describe.




What is your intended area of study?




What type of work would you like to do when you graduate from college?




What is the deadline for submission of the recommendation letter?




Provide address to which the recommendation is to be sent, if applicable.



Do you have any other information to provide? (You play the tuba, won an award for a speech, played professional soccer, cooked at the Ritz, etc.)