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SHS 255-Dual Diagnosis:  Treatment Issues and Services
Reading List References

These articles are available for purchase in the copy center, room 3105A.

1.  "Family Support for Persons with Dual Disorders," Robin E. Clark.  From A Comprehensive Guide for Integrated Treatment of People with Co-Occurring Disorders, ed. Diane Doyle Pita and LeRoy Spaniol.  Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, 2002. 

2.  "A Family Intervention Program for Dual Disorders."  Mueser, Kim T. and Fox, Lindy.  Community Mental Health Journal, June 2002.

3. "Mental Health Treatment for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System:  A Compendium of Promising Practices."  National Mental Health Association, 2004.

4.  "Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses:  The Essential Elements of a Mental Health Court."  Council of State Governments, Bureau of Justice Assistance, 2007.