SHS 255-Co-Occurring Disorders:  Treatment Issues and Services

Interview Assignment

Due:  Dec. 9, 2010


In pairs you will select an agency, either from the list below or one you are aware of.  You will turn in a word processed paper describing the agency and the work they do.  Below are some suggested questions; you do not need to ask all of these and there are certainly many others you might like to ask.  Remember that the purpose of this assignment is to increase your knowledge of the agency you are interviewing as well as treatment and services for co-occurring disorders in general. 


TIP 42 includes chapter 3 entitled "Keys to Successful Programming."  Review the "Guiding Principles" prior to the interview so they you can make observations of them or ask questions about them.


Your paper will include:


Suggested Interview Questions


1.     What is the agency’s mission statement?

2.     How does the agency define dual diagnosis?  MICA?  Co-occurring disorders?

3.     What are the eligibility criteria for services?

4.     Are there problems, behaviors, histories that would exclude otherwise eligible clients from receiving services?

5.     What are the most common mental health issues, drug of choice, and level of substance use disorder seen at the agency.?

6.     What is the staff make-up?  Educational level, job titles, etc.

7.     What kinds of approaches have worked well?

8.     What kinds of barriers to effective service provision have they experienced?

9.     What kind of issues come up in regards to confidentiality?

10.  Describe the setting.

















Knowledge of Guiding Principles-Ch. 3, TIP 42
20 points
Guiding principles are not included or are   partially discussed in the paper Guiding principles are discussed superficially. Guiding principles are discussed and partially applied to agency. Guiding principles are thoroughly discussed and applied to agency.
Knowledge of agency-
36 points
Paper has limited information and student shares minimal information in class discussion. Paper includes most important content areas of interview; student provides basic information in class discussion. Paper includes all important content areas and student can discuss agency information in class discussion. Paper is thorough and rich with information about the agency and student is able to discuss and answer questions about agency.
Participation in the interview 12 points Student did not visit the agency but gathered information through brochures and/or online. Student conducted the interview by telephone or away from the agency. Student visited the agency and was somewhat involved in the interview. Student was actively involved in the interview.
Mechanics and grammar
12 points
Frequent errors/sloppiness interfere with reader's ability to understand. Frequent error/sloppiness but meaning is clear. Errors occur throughout paper but are relatively minor and the paper is mostly neat. No or few errors and the paper is neatly presented.

Agencies (* indicates priority agency)


1.  Veteran’s Administration Hospital: 206-764-2081*
2.  Recovery Centers of King County-Kent:  253-854-6513
3.  Seattle Counseling Service for Sexual Minorities:  206-323-1768
4.  Fairfax Hospital-Kirkland:  425-821-2000*
5.  Harborview - Harbor View Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences:
6.  Sound Mental Health:  302-2300 (Seattle, Tukwila or Bellevue)*
7.  Community Psychiatric Clinic’s Bridgeway Program:  206-632-5009*
8.  SeaMar:  206-766-6976
9.  Harborview Crisis Triage Unit:  206-731-3076*
10. Echo Glen:  206-624-6514 Seattle, 425-831-2500 Facility*
11.  Ruth Dykeman:  206-243-5544 12. 
12.  Navos  206-248-8226*  
13. Therapeutic Health Services-Rainier: 206-723-1980*
14. Valley Medical Center: 425-656-4055  
15. Ryther Child Center: 206-525-5050
16. Associated Behavioral Health:  425-646-7279
Consejo Counseling and Referral Services: 206-461-4880
Integrative Counseling Services: 206-216-500
Pioneer Human Services: 206-464-1684
Asian Counseling and Referral Services: 206-695-7600
Affiliated Mental Health:  206-322-5258