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Updated: 09/15/08


SHS 255-Dual Diagnosis (MICA):Treatment Issues and Services

Research Paper

Due:December 4, 2008


This assignment requires that you choose a topic related to co-occurring disorders that you would like to learn more about.Examples of topics include the relationship between any specific disorder and substance abuse, the effects of a specific drug leading to a psychiatric disorder or symptoms, specific treatment approaches, barriers to effective service provision, etc.To get the most from this assignment I encourage you to explore a topic that reflects new learning for you.


Your job is to locate four  journal  articles or  academic/professional  books related to the one topic you chose.Please do not use magazine or newspaper articles.There are several data bases available in the library that will be helpful for this assignment-ProQuest is a good place to start and Academic Search Premier is also a useful database.Ask the reference librarian for assistance if you need help.Also, the ADAI library (1107 NE 45th St., Suite 120, Seattle, WA; 206-543-0937) has many resources that will be useful.You should use the most recent articles you can find, preferably within the last five years.


Your completed paper will include the following:


1.     An introduction to your topic, including the main question you researched, important terms, key related issues and general conclusions.  (1-2 pages)

2.  A summary of the articles you read.  You may summarize each one individually or provide a synthesis of the four articles.  (3-5 pages)

3.  Conclusions drawn by the authors of the studies.  What did they see as most important?  What questions remain and what new questions arose?  What recommendations do they make about further research or practice?  (1-2 pages)

4.  Your own thoughts, conclusions, questions in regard to the topic.  (1-2 pages)

5.  A reference page with the articles listed alphabetically by author's last name.  Include at least the following information:  Author's name, article title, journal title, date, volume.


















Grading Criteria






Comprehension of topic

50% of grade

Marginal understanding; terms and concepts arenít explained or are inaccurately explained.

Terms and concepts are accurately presented; limited understanding of implications of same.  Little integration of information from various sources.

Terms and concepts are fully understood and elaborated on.  Student has integrated information from various sources.

Terms and concepts are fully understood and information is fully integrated.  Understanding of significance of the information to professional role is demonstrated.

Intellectual curiousity

25% of grade

No indication of reflection on the meaning of the information beyond assignment

Writer demonstrates interest in the topic but paper doesnít include reflection on it.

Writer poses some questions about the information; some critique of research is done.

Writer poses meaningful questions about the material; critiques the research, generates ideas beyond what theyíve read.


15% of grade

Incomplete and inappropriate for assignment.

Incomplete or inappropriate for assignment.

Mostly complete and appropriate.

Perfectly complete and appropriate.


10% of grade

Frequent errors/sloppiness that interfere with readerís ability to understand.

Frequent errors/sloppiness but writing is understandable.

Errors throughout but relatively minor; neatly presented.

Few if any errors; neatly presented.