SHS 250-Group Final Project
Written portion due:  March 12, 2007; Presentations on:  March 12th, 14th, and 19th

For this project you'll work in groups toward a goal of some type of change-a new law, policy or procedure change, community awareness, etc.  It's important to focus on a system change rather than providing direct service.  The final project will include an individually written paper, action to implement the plan you develop, and a report back to the class.

Requirements of the project

The process (in class we'll discuss the different steps in detail)

1.  Identify a fundamental issue you're interested in; discuss with classmates to narrow it down to a specific issue.
2.  Begin research to learn more about the issue.  Key questions include:  what is the problem, why does it exist, who is affected by it, who has a vested interest in it changing, what is already being done to address it?
3.  Identify a reasonable goal to work on during the quarter.  Be optimistic and enthusiastic in deciding on a goal, but realize the time limits you're working under.  Brainstorm strategies to achieve the goal with your group and select the best ones that you can take action on.
4.  Plan the details of your strategies and implement them.
5.  Evaluate your work as a group:  what worked, what didn't work, what were the group dynamics like, what would you do differently?

The outcome

1.  Each individual will write a paper, including the following components.  You are free to share information (you will need to in order to work effectively as a group) but do your own writing.

2.  A group report to the class which includes information about the issue as well as how you went about accomplishing your goal.  Each group will be given 30-45 minutes for their report and you can get creative with how you present the information.  Planning this portion of the assignment, however, should not take up a lot of your time...your priority should be on development and  implementation of your plan. 




Grading criteria

Please be sure your writing is clear and grammatically correct.  Up to .5 points may be deducted for errors and/or unprofessional presentation






Participation in group-25% Minimal participation in planning and implementation; no participation in class presentation Minimal participation in planning and implementation; limited participation in class presentation. Consistent but passive participation throughout planning and implementation; fair understanding of issue and process; participation in class presentation. Some leadership in group; clear understanding of the issue and the process; active in class presentation. Consistently took on leadership in group; encouraged participation of other members; clearly understands the issue and process.
Quality of research and background information-25% Has done little or no research; is not able to explain the issue. Has done some research but understanding of information is limited. Has done research and made a significant attempt to integrate information; has a partial understanding. Has done the research, understands the issue and has integrated and explained it fairly well.  Has reflected on the issue somewhat. Has done the research, has a full understanding of the issue and has reflected deeply on the issue.
Relevance and understanding of goals/strategies-25% Little to no understanding of the goals and strategies of the project. Is able to identify the goals and strategies; can not elaborate on them. Has a clear understanding of goals and strategies and a partial understanding of the reasoning behind them. Has a clear understanding of goals and strategies and a complete understanding of the reasoning behind them. Has a clear understanding of goals and strategies and can compare and contrast with other possible goals and strategies.
Quality and relevance of evaluation-15% Incomplete or missing evaluation. Limited evaluation, minimal ability to critique project. Completed evaluation with at least two meaningful observations of the process. Completed evaluation with at least three meaningful observations and some analysis of the process. Completed evaluation with at least three meaningful observations and substantial analysis of the process.
References-10% Incomplete or missing. Incomplete and marginally relevant. Complete and mostly relevant. Complete and relevant. Complete and relevant