SHS 250-Community and Client Advocacy

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1. Final group project (40%):  Early in the quarter you will choose an issue with 2-4 classmates that you would like to focus on for the duration of the quarter or the entire class will choose one project to work on.  Your small group will research the issue, develop a plan of action to promote change and implement the plan.  Your goal will focus on social change, rather than direct service, and it should be something you can accomplish during the quarter. At the end of the quarter your group will present your work to the rest of the class.

Some examples of past projects include organizing a campus-wide forum on proposed legislation, proposal for adoption of new curriculum in the SHS program., development and distribution of an information brochure regarding services for potential or actual domestic violence victims and developing and promoting a mentoring program on campus for students who are  former foster youth.  As you can see, there is a wide range of possibilities and you have the opportunity to do something that is meaningful to you.  I will provide you with a handout detailing the requirements of the project.  The written portion is due March 16th; presentations will be the 16th and the 18th.

2.  Learning Activities (30%):  Details and grading criteria will be provided on a separate handout.

3.  Test  (10%):  There will be one test on Feb. 2nd.

4.  Attendance and participation (20%):  Your presence in class contributes to the energy and learning of everyone.  Additionally, because you are working on a group project, your group mates are relying on you.  This portion of your grade will be based on seminar discussions and exit notes.  


Late Policy:
Do everything you can to turn your work in on time. I have planned the assignments to coincide with the content we are covering in class and they are designed to enhance your understanding of the material. Therefore, if you don't do the assignment when it is due you are not going to get the full benefit of it. If you have an emergency and cannot complete an assignment on time, please let me know ahead of time. 10% will be deducted for work turned in up to one week late. 


Plagiarism is defined as "taking and using another person's ideas and/or writing as one's own"  (Oxford American Dictionary).  It may be interpreted as the result of misunderstanding or of cheating.  It's becoming a greater problem as information is so readily available on the internet.  The forms of plagiarism I run into include quoting material from a source without identifying it as a quote and citing it and cutting and pasting material from other sources, as if written by the student.  Sometimes a student will cut and paste an entire paper and pass it off as their own work.  All of these examples are unacceptable.  If a paper is plagiarized the student will receive no credit.