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These are short descriptions of each assignment; for all the gory details, click on the highlighted name.

1.  Terms and Concepts  You will be provided a list of terms and concepts, primarily taken from the book but some from other sources as well.  Your task is to define each  in your own words  in a few sentences each.  This assignment is worth 20% of your grade and is due on May 28, 2003.

2.  Interviews  You will have the opportunity to interview teens about three different topics.  You'll then write a summary of the information you gained and be prepared to share the information with the class.  This assignment is worth 30% of your grade.  Due dates are listed after each topic.  Interview topics include:

3.  Annotated Bibliography Plus  You will pick a topic of interest related to adolescence, locate three academic articles on it, summarize the articles and your thoughts about the issue and locate two organizations that provide services linked with the topic.  This is worth 30% of your grade and it's due on June 11th.

4.  Participation and attendance  Each student contributes to the culture of the classroom.  Everyone's learning will be enhanced by the active and meaningful participation of all.  And you get credit for it too!  20% of grade.