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April 4

Introductions; syllabus; Multicultural Counseling Competencies


April 11

Counselor Awareness of One's Own assumptions, Values and Biases; Reflection paper due

Sue & Sue, Ch. 2, 3

April 18

Cultural Identity Development; Diversity within groups; Biculturality; Internalized Oppression; Reflection paper due

Sue & Sue, Ch.  8, 9

April 25

Common assumptions and prejudice re: sexuality and genderReflection paper due

Sue & Sue, Ch.16, 18

May   2

Understanding the worldview of clients different than you; Reflection paper due

 Sue & Sue, Ch. 5, 6 & 10

May   9

Experiences of people with disabilities; Reflection paper due

Sue & Sue, Ch. 19

May 16

The Model Minority?  Working with Asian/Pacific Island clients; Reflection paper due

Sue & Sue, Ch. 13; 15

May 23

Genocide and Broken Treaties:  Can the helpers rise above the history?  Terms/Concepts due

Sue & Sue, Ch. 12

May 30

Intersections abound:  Class, race, sex and barriers to effectively working with African-American clients 

Sue & Sue, Ch. 11

June  6

Mi Familia--Honoring values and recognizing strengths

Sue & Sue, Ch. 14

June 13

Islam 101; Take home final due


  Additional reading may be assigned throughout the quarter.