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1.     Reflection papers  In each of the first five weeks of class you will write your thoughts and feelings about the reading material, videos, or class discussion.  You will receive full credit if they are on time, written thoughtfully, reflect a concept from class and are grammatically correct .  Please number each paper.  Due date:  weeks 2-6.  (15% of grade)

2.     Conversations with ESL students and response paper You'll have the opportunity to meet with an ESL class and to write about your experience.  In class we'll discuss topics for conversation as well as cultural sensitivity.  We'll explore how your own cultural identity influences your experience.  You'll turn in a narrative of your experience, keeping in mind the first two multicultural competencies.  Due:  one week after conversations. (15% of grade)

3.     Terms and Concepts  You will be given a list of terms and concepts that you will define in a written paper.  A more detailed handout of the assignment will be provided or you can click on the heading to see it.  Due date:  5/23.  (25% of grade)

4.     Take home final  The take home final will be your chance to assess your progress in each of the three multicultural counseling competencies.  It will also involve application of the concepts from class.  First you will examine your cultural identity and awareness of assumptions, values and biases.  Next you will pick a cultural group with which you are unfamiliar and learn about that group, thus increasing your knowledge of the worldview of a culturally diverse group.  Finally, you will locate an academic journal article which describes a culturally specific intervention or strategy.  You will be given a handout with the details of the assignment, or click on the heading to see it.  Due date:  6/13.  (25% of grade)

5.     Participation  I canít emphasize enough the importance of being present and participating in discussion of the material in this class.  Please make it a priority to be here, ready to share your perspective, ask questions and explore the complexity of multicultural life.  You are allowed one absence with no impact on your grade.  (20% of grade)

Point and Grade Breakdown:  Grading is done on a scale of 0.0-4.0, just like your  gpa.  The A range is 3.5-4.0, B range is 2.5-3.4, C range is 1.5-2.4.  Please turn your papers in on time and be sure they are neatly written and grammatically correct; up to .5 points will be deducted for errors and .5 will be deducted if turned in up to one week late.

Reflection papers 15%
ESL Student conversation 15%
Terms and concepts 25%
Participation 25%
Take home final 20%