SHS 106

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1. Questionnaires-You will complete three tasks for this assignment:  1) Reflect on and write about at least one dimension from each category in the Wellness Assessment, pg. 52-53 in your text; 2) Complete the Multicultural Competent Counseling Self Inventory; and 3) Review two or three of the websites listed in Box 2-1 on page 36.  Write down three ethical standards that are present in each code.  Bring all of these items to class on Jan. 11th.  (10% of grade)

2.  Quizzes  We will have six ten-minute quizzes to help motivate you to complete the assigned reading.  You must be present at the beginning of class to take the quiz-they cannot be made up.  Dates:  Jan. 13th (ch. 3 & 4), Jan. 25th (ch. 5 & 6), Feb. 1st (ch. 7 & 8), Feb. 10th (ch. 9), Feb. 22nd (ch. 11, 12) and March 15th (ch. 13).  (15% of grade)

3.  Learning Activities We will have a variety of learning activities (role plays, in-class assignments) for which you will receive credit.  These cannot be made up; you must be present to win.  (10% of grade)

4 Video Assessment #1-taping on Feb. 3rd, paper due on Feb. 10th In this class you will complete two twenty minute videos of a mock interview with another student utilizing the basic listening skills to gather information about the client.  You will assess the first of these according to a handout I will provide you.  A sign-up sheet will be sent around during the second week of class and videotaping will occur during class time in week 5.  (20% of grade)

Each videotape session will be scheduled for 25 minutes and will occur in one of the counseling rooms or in the library.  Each of you will need to bring your own videotape or disc.  Arrive a few minutes early and be considerate of those taping and those needing to get in.  Please schedule your and your partner's sessions back-to-back.

5.  Videotape Assessment #2-taping on March 10th, paper due on March 17th  Again, you will record a role play which will be a continuation of the first recorded scenario.  At this point you will be the basic listening sequence as well as other skills learned in class.  You will again write a paper analyzing the role play and your skills.  (20% of grade))

6.  Final test  You will take a final test at the end of the quarter.  This will cover information from the entire quarter that is important enough that it should be memorized.  (15%) 

7.  Professionalism  Each class develops its own dynamic and you are an important part of it.  Your learning, and the learning of your peers, is affected by your participation in discussion, role playing and case study analysis.  Professionalism in this class will be defined as the expected standard of behavior in a helping professions workplace.  See "student responsibilities" for details. You are allowed two absences.  (10%)

Late Policy:
Do everything you can to turn your work in on time. I have planned the assignments to coincide with the content we are covering in class and they are designed to enhance your understanding of the material. Therefore, if you don't do the assignment when it is due you are not going to get the full benefit of it. If you have an emergency and cannot complete an assignment on time, please let me know ahead of time. 10% will be deducted for work turned in up to one week late.

Late work from the first half of the quarter will not be accepted after Feb. 8th; late work from the second half of the quarter will not be accepted after March 22nd.

Comments on plagiarism

Plagiarism is defined as "taking and using another person's ideas and/or writing as one's own"  (Oxford American Dictionary).  It may be interpreted as the result of misunderstanding or of cheating.  It's becoming a greater problem as information is so readily available on the internet.  The forms of plagiarism I run into include quoting material from a source without identifying it as a quote and citing it and cutting and pasting material from other sources, as if written by the student.  Sometimes a student will cut and paste an entire paper and pass it off as their own work.  All of these examples are unacceptable.  If I notice that it looks like you included a quote in a paper without acknowledging it, I'll make a note on your paper and ask that you use your own words to explain the concept.  If I find that paragraphs or the entire paper are plagiarized I will return it to you and give you a chance to re-do the assignment.  If you choose not to, you will not receive credit for the paper.