Just a few personals, for now.


Here's my dog, Kohl. She's really a cat, but she doesn't know it. Or, she knows it, but I don't. Either way, she runs the house.

Here are a few photos of Kohl romping through the snow during the Big Snow Storm, December 2008

Below is one of the view from my back door.


The Seattle Storm!!

Well, the 2011 post-season is over, and the Seattle Storm did not win their 3rd WNBA championship!

Here's a link to the Offical Site of the Seattle Storm. You'll find plenty of pictures, information and video highlights of recent games. http://www.wnba.com/storm/

Here are two of the best players in the WNBA, and they both just happen to play for Seattle.
Lauren Jackson (15) and Sue Bird (10) were also 2008 Olympic athletes;
Lauren played for Australia and Sue played for the US.

This is Lauren, after throwing out the ceremonial first pitch of a Mariner's game in June.
She had just re-signed with the Storm. WNBA fans in the Pacific Northwest breathed a sigh of relief!

I love the pictures of Sue where she's wearing the mask that protects her nose, which has been broken a few times. The other player is another of my favorites, Iziane Castro-Marques, a Brazilian Olympian who now plays for the Atlanta Dream.


Two of my other favorite things: cabernet sauvignon grapes and sustainable vineyards, both from Sonoma County, California.

A little something new...
Here's a photo of my very own Cabernet Sauvignon vine, which is located in Block H at the newly named Coppola Winery, Rosso & Bianco, in Sonoma County.

Also, in my other life, the one away from teaching, I was the Webmaster for the Northwest Hawai`i Times, a local newspaper that served the Hawaiian community. The paper stopped publication last spring, but all the articles and pictures are still up. Check out the website at www.northwesthawaiitimes.com

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