TESL Certification Program --

Grammar Course Description

Seattle Central Community College


TESOL Certificate Program -- Grammar

Fall 2012

Monday, 6:00pm-9:00pm

BE 4149






Jacquie George




Course Description

This second course builds on the basic TESOL certificate program. Taking both courses results in an advanced 100 hour TESOL certificate, which is a preferred certificate in some countries. This course provides an overview of English language grammar, with a special emphasis on structures most commonly/typically taught in English language classes.

The course will offer ample opportunities for hands-on learning activities and interactions with guest speakers in addition to working with your instructor and classmates. We’ll discuss how these methods and approaches can be adapted to various age groups and proficiency levels.  Students will demonstrate the ability to apply the knowledge gained in this class through discussions and demonstrating their own lessons incorporating the methods studied in this course. Please note that this course will focus on learning English grammar.  All grammar, all the time!

Course Outcomes

By the completion of this course, students will have:

Required Texts

Celce-Murcia, Marianne and Diane Larsen-Freeman. (1999) The Grammar Book:An ESL/EFL Teacher’s Course. Boston: Heinle.


Course Requirements

Attendance and Participation
The classes will be a combination of short lecture and discussion, and it is imperative that many assignments be done prior to the class.  You are expected to attend class and participate actively.  Also, you cannot miss more than 6 hours of instruction!

Exercises for The Grammar Book
There will be weekly assignments and exercises to be turned in via e-mail attachment..

During this class, you will submit 5 reflection papers to which I will respond with my reflections and/or questions for further reflection.  These should be submitted via e-mail.

Final Project
The final project consists of an explanation and discussion of a particular point of grammar that we will not study separately as part of our class.  The only request I have is that you spend some time trying to understand your grammar point on your own before consulting outside sources. Remember, you are the best expert you know in terms of grammar! These presentations will be done during the final meeting of the class. You will choose from the chapters in our book.


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