TESL Certificate Program -- SCCC


Handouts & Links from Class

Class Syllabus

Using the English Tense System

Verb Sample Chart

Examples of the Verb 'to eat,' including negatives!

Phrase Structures Rules from Class

Open this up and find the rules and the sentences that you should "Tree" for Monday, October 8, 2012

Grammar Terms

Grammar Terms Exercise


Final Project Groups & Topics from The Grammar Book

Chapter 11: Yes/No Questions -- Michelle: https://tegr.it/y/tucw

Chapter 13: WH-Questions -- Amanda: https://tegr.it/y/tucj

Chapter 12: Imperatives -- Corina: https://tegr.it/y/tub3

Chapter 15: Articles -- Ngoc: https://tegr.it/y/tua3

Chapter 18: The Passive Voice -- Tristan: https://tegr.it/y/tdna

Chapter 20: Adjectives -- Ariana: https://tegr.it/y/tuek

Chapter 21: Prepositions -- Kait: https://tegr.it/y/tdm0

Chapter 22: Phrasal Verbs -- Adam: https://tegr.it/y/tdko

Chapter 23: Nonreferential It and There as Subjects -- Harold: https://tegr.it/y/tdoc

Chapter 31: Complementation -- Lisa: https://tegr.it/y/tuap



Fun Facts & Figures

Brown's 12 Principles

A Brief History of ESL Instruction:
Theories, Methodologies, and Upheavals

The Washington State Adult Learning Standards

Here's the WA Learning Standards Link that will be talked about in class a few times. This link will take you to a website with links to the learning standards and to some "in process" curriculum sites for both ABE and ESL outcomes. Feel free to peruse; these documents will help you, along with your various observations, to get a clearer idea of what the ESL levels look like in community and technical colleges across the state of Washington. Enjoy!!




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Turkenik, C. (1995). Choices: Writing projects for students of ESL. New York: St. Martin's Press.


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