1. Intro: what is env. science? what does "sustainability" mean?
  2. Environmental issues and Natural Capital Degradation
  3. The Biosphere: Biodiversity and Evolution
  4. Ecology
  5. Population
  6. Forests
  7. Fisheries
  8. Loss of Biodiversity. VIDEO: Species Alliance
  9. Food
  10. Water
  11. AirPollution. VIDEO: 1970s commercial featuring air pollution
  12. SolidWaste. LINK: how to write a thesis statement
  13. HazWaste. LINKS:
  14. Ozone, VIDEOS from NASA.
  15. Climate Change. VIDEO: Simpsons on Global Warming.
  16. Non-Renewable Energy
  17. Renewable Energy
  18. Green Building
  19. Environmental Economics & Policy
  20. Wrap Up slides: Schedule, Quiz notes, and activity


  1. Quiz #1 Brainstorm
  2. Quiz #2, Lecture Summaries
  3. Quiz #3, Lecture Summaries, Quiz #3: RAW GRADE DISTRIBUTION
  4. Quiz #4, Lecture Summaries


  1. SciAm: 100% wind by 2030!
  2. NYT: a timely Op-Ed on Climate Change by Thomas Friedman
  3. LA Times: Lead Poisoning in China
  4. RealClimate: Peer Review isn't perfect (of course): Stories of mistakes falling through the cracks
  5. www.RealClimate.org: GREAT ARTICLE on the climate "debate" and the role of peer review
  6. CNN: Glaciers a canary in the coal mine of global warming
  7. NYT: Using white roofs to cool the planet
  8. McClatchy: As Oceans Fall Ill, Washington Bureaucrats Squabble
  9. NYTimes: The Futures of Food, Michael Pollan
  10. BorneoProject: The failure of logging bans - Illegal Logging in Southeast Asia
  11. CNN: Clever use of Geothermal Energy in AK
  12. Controversy, Part 1 - WashPost: on Climate Change and Eating Meat
  13. Controversy, Part 2 - Grist: A small farmer's OpEd on Eating Meat
  14. SF Gate: Antiseptic Farms?