Installing Eclipse and the UW java Library



This document should help you get set up for working on a home computer. If you want to have the same setup at home as at school, you'll need to install the following software:

  1. Eclipse from
  2. UW library

There are also other environments that you can use as well,such as NetBeans, JBuilder, DrJava, BlueJ (a simpler environment) and so forth. 

If you want to work at home, you are on your own to some extent in terms of getting stuff set up. Ask friends, read documentation, post a question on the bulletin board, ask me -- but you can't be guaranteed to have an answer. Ultimately you're on your own with your home computer. The lab is always available as a fallback.

Regardless of the development environment that you use, the code you turn in should only rely on the standard Sun Java libraries, and the UW library. Your code should not rely on "wizards", special libraries that might be provided with your environment, or code that comes from the Internet or friends.  The programs you give us will be compiled and run using the school set-up.

Installing Java

Eclipse needs a recent Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run. You can download the latest version of Java at



Go visit the eclipse page. Click on " Download Eclipse". On the download page, go to the "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (85 MB)" section, and select your platform. You will be directed to a page that has links to many eclipse repositories. Click on any mirror location. The download should start. Save the zip file on your computer. The distribution is big, about 85 MB, so if you're connecting by slow modem, it's going to be a pain. DSL or CableModem users should have an easier time. You can always download it onto an SCCC lab machine and make a copy that you can carry home to install.

To install, just unzip the folder. Start eclipse by clicking on the eclipse.exe file.


UW library

  1. Be sure you have already installed the Eclipse IDE (see above)
  2. Download the following file and save it to your computer (e.g. in C:\CSC)uwcse.jar
  3. Start Eclipse by clicking on the eclipse.exe file (within your eclipse download). Select File>New>New JavaProject. A project dialog box appears. In the textfield at the top, give a name to your project (your choice, e.g. myProject). Leave all of the options as they are and click Next. Select the Libraries tab, and click on "Add External JARs...". Navigate to the location of the UW library file, select the file, and click Open. Close the Project dialog box by clicking Finish.