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CSC 143
Computer Programming for Engineers and Scientists

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Class notes in PowerPoint and PDF format

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(For review, slides from CSC 142 are available here.)

powerpoint 1,pdf 1 : Modeling

powerpoint 2, pdf 2 : Interfaces

powerpoint 3, pdf 3 : Inheritance

powerpoint 4, pdf 4 : Inheritance: an example

powerpoint 5, pdf 5 : Abstract classes

powerpoint 5b, pdf 5b : Abstract classes: an example

powerpoint 6, pdf 6 : More about inheritance

powerpoint 7, pdf 7 : Introduction to Swing

powerpoint 8, pdf 8 : Model/View framework

powerpoint 9, pdf 9 : Events

powerpoint 10, pdf 10: Exceptions

powerpoint 11, pdf 11: More exceptions

powerpoint 12, pdf 12: Streams

powerpoint 13, pdf 13: Specifications

powerpoint 14, pdf 14: Collections

powerpoint 15, pdf 15: Array lists

powerpoint 16, pdf 16: Linked lists

powerpoint 17, pdf 17: Complexity

powerpoint 18a, pdf 18a: Searching and recursion

powerpoint 18b, pdf 18b: Sorting

powerpoint 19a, pdf 19a: Stacks and queues

powerpoint 19b, pdf 19b: Stacks and queues - applications

powerpoint 20a, pdf 20a : Introduction to trees

powerpoint 20b, pdf 20b: Inner classes (we have already seen this topic)

powerpoint 20c, pdf 20c : Binary search trees

powerpoint 20d, pdf 20d : Tree applications

powerpoint 21, pdf 21: Hashsets + extra slides

The transparencies used in the lectures are taken from instructional material developed by the Computer Science Department of the University of Washington.