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ENGR 240

Introduction to

Numerical Methods

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The calendar is updated as we move through the quarter (don't trust what is written beyond the current week).

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MATLAB programming:
_ Operators, vector/matrix addressing, file I/O, script and function files.
_ Iterative and conditional control structures, 2D and 3D plotting, roundoff and truncation errors

Reading: chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 (notes).

Class examples: exercise 2.1, IfForExample, Week1Practice, Week1PracticeSolution, squeeze, interleave

graph, piecewiseExample, exercise 2.16, exercise 3.8

HW#1 out  

UW AMATH 301 class notes

Project directions



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Finding roots

Reading: chapters 5 and 6 (notes).

Class examples: TruncationAndRoundOffErrors, SquareRoot, FindZeros, bisection, falsePosition, newtonRaphson, modifiedSecant

Week2Practice, Week2PracticeSolution

Hw#1 due 7/10

HW#2 out  



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Matrices, system of linear equations, MATLAB left division (\), Gauss elimination

Reading: chapters 8, 9 (notes)

Class examples: dot (function + loop), usingPolynomials, exercise 8.2, exercise 8.3, gaussElimination

Hw#2 due 7/17

HW#3 out



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Gauss elimination, LU factorization, Gauss-Seidel.

Reading: chapters 10, 12.1 (notes).

Class examples: exercise 9.4, exercise 9.12, gaussElimination, exam 1 review, luDecomposition, exercise 10.3, luSolver, gaussSeidel, exercise 12.5

Exam 1 7/24

Hw#3 due 7/24

HW#4 out  



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Curve fitting – least squares, linearization of data, polynomial fitting, multiple linear regression, MATLAB polyfit function.

Reading: chapters 13 and 14.1-14.4 (notes).

Class examples: linearRegression, exercise 13.4, exercise 13.7, exercise 14.1

Interpolation – Polynomial & Splines.

Reading: chapters 15 and 16 (notes).

Class examples: exercise 15.14, newtonPolynomial, lagrangePolynomial, step function example, interpolation

Hw#4 due 7/31

HW#5 out



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Numerical Differentiation & Integration techniques, numerical Integration of functions.

Reading: chapters 17, 18, and 19 (notes).

Class examples: exercise17.3,Simpson1/3 exact for cubic, exercise18.3

exam 2 review


Exam 2 8/7

Hw#5 due 8/7

HW#6 out



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ODE’s – Initial value problems, stiff systems, boundary value problems.

Reading: chapters 20, 21, and 22 (notes).

Class examples: exercise20.1, exercise20.8, exercise21.11, exercise22.1

More examples: predator prey model, exercise 20.2, exercise 20.3, dudtFor21.2, exercise 21.2, example 22.4, function for 22.4

Project help: animation example




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exam 3 review

Project presentations: 8/20 (10:30 to 12:30).

Student projects (send me your code if you want your project to be posted).

Hw#6 due 8/19

Exam 3: 8/19

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