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Current course websites can be found on WAMAP. Past course syllabi from Seattle Central are linked below.

WAITLIST If you want to be in a class, come to class on the first day. Registered students who miss class without contacting the instructor may be dropped. If you are on the Waitlist, you must come to class or you will be dropped from the waitlist.
If you want to get on the waitlist, (1) KEEP TRYING to register. The waitlist could open up, any time until the first day of class. (2) Come to class and talk to your instructor to get on a first-day waitlist, which will be used if the administrative waitlist does not fill the class.

NEW VERSION TEXTBOOKS Typically new versions of text books have relatively few changes. It is always easier to have the current version of the textbook, because homework assignments come from the new version. While I suggest you purchase the most current version, I try my best to support students using older version textbooks.

Fall 2014
- Chemistry& 139
Textbook: Zumdahl & Decoste 8th edition. A textbook with solutions manual is available for ~$185, with e-book access immediately. (Purchase online)
- Chemistry& 121

Spring 2013
- Chemistry& 139: General Chemistry Prep
- Chemistry& 121: Introductory Chemistry

Winter 2013
- Chemistry& 110: Chemical Concepts
- Chemistry& 161: General Chemistry I w/ Lab

Winter 2011 (South)
- Chemistry& 139: General Chemistry Preparation
- Chemistry& 162: General Chemistry II w/ Lab

Fall 2010 (SCCC)
- Chemistry& 121: Introductory Chemistry (web site)
- Chemistry 110 -- Interdisciplinary Science 101

Summer 2010 (SCCC)
- Chemistry& 139: General Chemistry Preparation
- Chemistry& 121: Introductory Chemistry (above)

Spring 2010
- SCCC: Chemistry 110: Chemistry and Society
- Cascadia: Chemistry& 139

Winter 2010
- SCCC: Chemistry& 161: General Chemistry W/ Lab
- Chemistry& 161: Laboratory Syllabus
- Cascadia: Chemistry& 121: Introductory Chemistry

Fall 2009
- SCCC: Chemistry 110: Chemistry and Society
- South: Chemistry& 121: Introductory Chemistry

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