Chemistry 162

Syllabus   (Updated: 9/21)                                                                                                                               


Homework Schedule  (Updated: 9/21, 9/30, 10/11, 10/18, 11/1, 11/8, 11/22 )                                                                            

Laboratory Information


Key for Quiz 1    blank quiz    posted


Key for Test 1    blank test    posted


Key for Quiz 2    blank quiz    posted


Key for Test 2    blank test     posted

Practice Exam for Exam 1, KEY, 1e is b, and 5a is CEG, 5b is BDFH, and 5c is A to C


2nd Practice Exam for Exam 1, KEY


3rd Practice Exam for Exam 1,  KEY

Practice Exam for Exam 2, KEY

2nd Practice Exam for Exam 2, KEY


Practice Final Exam    EQUATION SHEET


Handouts and Worksheets:


Linear Regression Analysis in EXCEL




    Kinetics Module for Students (outcomes and competencies)

    Integrated Rate Law Data and Questions, Constant k Method for Data Set I

    Petrucci, Chapter 15, problem #50

    Heads or Tails?: A First Order Process

    Kinetic Worksheet, KEY

    Pre-Equilibrium Mechanism Problem, KEY

    Steady State Approximation

    Michaelis-Menten Kinetics-Saturation

    Kinetics Lecture Material

    Molecular Modeling of Green Fluorescent Protein Folding

    Transition State Kinetics    Roaming Kinetics   

    SN2 vs. SN1


General Equilibrium


    Statistical Interpretation of Effect of Temperature on an Equilibrium


Acid Base Chemistry


    Guide to Acid-Base Chemistry
Weak ≠  Strong, A Story about the Hazard of HF

    Guide to Additional Topics in Acid-Base Chemistry
General Solution for Weak Acid pH, Calculator
General Solution for Weak Acid pH, Derivation
Structure/Acidity Worksheet, KEY



161 Refresher

In Class Buffer Problems with one new one   

pH for weak acid+weak base solutions   

Haber-Bosch Assignment, Due M 10/3