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Resources for Understanding the Physical Sciences

Images of Atoms

What's that stuff?

Practice Tests from Chemistry Olympiad (including keys)

Periodic Tables:                 Musical      Mendeleev    Visual    WebElements    NIST    Printable      Dayah      Theodore Gray    University of Nottingham

                                                        An Artist's Guide to the Elements    Royal Society of Chemistry

 Societies:                            The American Chemical Society    JOIN NOW!

Tutorials:                            Chemistry Hypermedia Project    J. Beavon    AUS-e-TUTE    Chemogenesis    Visualization and Problem Solving

                                                        Ohio State Tutorials & Quizzes    CHEMGUIDE    Wiki-Chem at UC Davis

Animations:                      General    Physical Chemistry    Crystals-Inorganic    Reciprocal Net    States of Matter I    States of Matter II

                                                          Kinetic Molecular Theory 1        Kinetic Molecular Theory 2    3D CHEM    Activity of Metals    Growing Crystals of Ag

Quantum Chemistry:         Orbitals    Electron Configurations    Orbitron    Emission Spectra I     Emission Spectra II

IMF:                                        H-Bond

History:                                History of Chemistry

Climate:                                UW Atmospheric Weather & Climate Data

Physical Reference Data:   NIST    Fundamental Physical Constants

Physics:                            Hyperphysics    Physics 2000    SLAC   Waves 1    Waves 2    Waves 3    Guitar Physics

                                                            Open Source Physics from Down Under    Selection of Overtones on a Guitar

Want to build your own lab?    United Nuclear

Miscellaneous:                  Cubic Equation Solver    Nutrient Data    Chemical Safety    Humor 1    Humor 2     Music    Bragg Equation

                                                           Quadratic Equation Solver