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Biology Lab Rules


In case of inclement weather: Check school open/closure status here


What to do when there is an active shooter (Run, Hide, Fight video)


Open Biology Lab Schedule for Fall 2017


Biology 241 (A&P I)


Biology 242 (A&P II)





Recommendations by prior Biol 241 students

to incoming Biology 241 students


Recommendations by prior Biol 242 students

to incoming Biology 242 students


Biology 241 resource




Biology 242 resource

Biol 242 Summer 2017 Grades

Biol 242 Summer 2017 Syllabus (for weeks 5 to 8)



Biol 241 Spring 2017 Grades

Biol 241 Spring 2017 Syllabus

Course Outline


Biol 242 Spring 2017 Grades

Biol 242 Spring 2017 Syllabus

Course Outline