Key to Unit 1 Exercises

I. Regional arteries/veins 

II. Connecting arteries/veins to above arteries/veins (note: use lower case for complete password, no uppercase!)

III. Additional deliveries from Aorta

IV. Hey, DominO2 Pizza

V.   Cardiac Activity and Blood Pressure


Key to Unit 2 Exercises

1.  Glucagon, Cortisol, & Epinephrine Comparison

2. Growth hormone & T3/T4 Comparison

3. Aldosterone & ADH Comparison

4. Other hormones


Key to Unit 3 Digestive System Exercises

1. Digestive Tract Table Exercise

2. Digestion Anatomy, Histology, & Physiology Exercise #1

3. Digestion Anatomy, Histology & Physiology Exercise #2

4. Review of glandular cells of the digestive system

Key to Unit 4 Exercises

1. Water flow through the kidney 

2. Sodium flow through the kidney

3. Glucose flow through the kidney

4. Calcium flow through the kidney

5. Potassium flow through the kidney 

6. Reproductive system review

 updated March 16, 2017