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HACCP -- A Sample project is available outside the instructor's office in 2BE2120.

Choose 2 recipes from the Professional Cooking or Professional Baking text that contains potentially hazardous foods. (PHFs)  Present in the following order, each point for each recipe.

1.       In written, paragraph form, identify the PHFs in the recipe.  Explain why you chose the recipe and the particular hazards (including specific organisms) that are of concern with this preparation technique.

2.     Rewrite the directions for each recipe in standard format, making it specific for use in the SCCC kitchen.  Identify Critical Control Points in red.  Indicate specific time and temperatures and/or any subjective standards that indicate safety.  Final form should be 8 x 11.

3.     Create a flowchart for each recipe.  Begin with the ingredients when they enter the kitchen and follow them through each preparation step until they are eaten or discarded. Be specific about the standards and controls. 

Staple 8 x 11 pages together with one staple in the upper left hand corner.  Use this sheet as the cover page and one staple in the upper left hand corner.

Grading Criteria

Challenge of Recipe

10 points

Neatness, Organization & Spelling

10 points

PHFs & Explanation

25 points


25 points


30 points




100 points

No Late Work will be accepted.  


Students need to convey in written format an understanding of how food flows through a professional kitchen and the precise way in which a product will be prepared.