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Instructorís Philosophy:           

Learning is not a passive process, nor is it always comfortable.  The instructor will create an atmosphere where students are comfortable to ask questions and contribute their knowledge to fellow students.  The instructor will present information in multiple ways for students to consider and apply the information being covered in class.  Lab time allows students the opportunity to apply and question their knowledge.   Collaboration with others stimulates creativity and facilitates greater accomplishment than working alone.  The instructor is responsible for pointing students in a direction and giving them feedback as to how they are progressing.

Learning Resources:    

Students need to notify the instructor as soon as possible about any special needs or concerns that they have.  Students having difficulty with the class should first consult with the instructor.  A program counselor is also available for consultation.  An appointment may be made through the office.  After the consultation an evaluation will be done to determine how the student may be helped.  All rules and procedures are posted in the Hospitality/Culinary Arts Office, room 2BE2120.


Missed Work

Any student unable to meet class obligations should notify the instructor as soon as possible at 344-4310 (24 hr message).  No make-up exams will be given, and no late assignments or projects will be accepted unless the absence or lateness was the result of an event beyond the studentís control such as a death in the family; sudden, serious illness; or an unavoidable, serious accident.  It is the studentís responsibility to let the instructor know in a timely manner when extenuating circumstances arise. 

An appropriate third party may be asked to verify exceptional circumstances.  

All late assignments are subject to a 10 point or 10% of the possible points per class day penalty.  Work may be turned in at any time before the due date, except for in-class assignments.  


Class attendance is beneficial to students.  The departmental attendance policy applies to every student.  If you cannot attend a class or must leave early, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to arrange with a classmate to get the notes, assignments, projects, schedule changes or any other information presented.  DO NOT ask the instructor for materials or to repeat the lecture.  If you must leave class, do so in a manner that does not disrupt others.  If you see that someone is absent, please collect the materials for them and ask that they do the same for you.  


Late/Tardy:      Any student arriving late will be marked absent; it is the studentís responsibility to contact the instructor before the end of the class and ask that the absence be changed to a tardy.  On the day of your second absence, your final course grade will be automatically lowered by 0.2 points.  On the day of your third absence, your final grade will be lowered by an additional 0.3 points and you will receive notice of departmental probation.  After 7 absences, you will be required to retake the course.  When extenuating circumstances arise, the instructor may alter this policy as the situation merits.  

Eating & Drinking:  

In accordance with College Policy, eating and drinking (with the exception of unsweetened water) is allowed only in dining rooms and other designated eating areas.  No eating or drinking will be allowed in the classroom.  

Electronic Devices:  

Electronic devices should be only be in use in a manner that will not disturb the class.  

Extra Credit Policy:   

Extra credit is discouraged.  Students who do not achieve the desired grade on a specific project should propose, in writing, work that will demonstrate their mastery of the material.  The point value of any such proposal is strictly up to the discretion of the instructor. Under no circumstances will any student earn greater than a 3.9 grade for extra credit work.  A 4.0 grade is reserved for students who consistently demonstrate their mastery of the subject matter in a timely fashion. 

Grade Assignment:

The studentís final grade will be determined by the percentage of points accumulated in Specific Evaluation Criterion. Grades are assigned according to the following table. 


Percent Grade   Percent Grade
96-100 4,0   75 1.9
95 3.9   74 1.8
94 3.8   73 1.7
93 3.7   72 1.6
92 3.6   71 1.5
91 3.5   70 1.4
90 3.4   69 1.3
89 3.3   68 1.2
88 3.2   67 1.1
87 3.1   66 1.0
86 3.0   65 0.9
85 2.9   64 0.8
84 2.8   63 0.7
83 2.7   62 0.6
82 2.6   61 0.5
81 2.5   60 0.4
80 2.4   59 0.3
79 2.3   58 0.2
78 2.2   57 0.1
77 2.1   0-56 0.0
76 2.0