Nutrition for Foodservice 

BIO 103

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Instructor Cynthia A. Wilson, R.D.,M.S.
Office Phone 206.344.4310
Alternate Phone 206-587-5242 
Office BE2120
Class Hours/Room  1:40 to 3:00 P.M., (Tuesdays and Thursdays)  Room BE2121
Office Hours By appointment only please
Prerequisites Satisfactory completion of 2nd quarter classes or instructor permission.
Uniforms   Culinary Arts students are expected to be in uniform for all classes.

 Nutrition Now, Fourth edition by Judith E. Brown, West Publishing, 2005.  ISBN 0-534-62325-5.   Computer lab fee.

Course Content This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of nutrition and its significance to meeting the nutrient needs of customers of the food service industry.  Course content will include the basic nutrient groups, dietary guidelines, balanced menu planning, diet and nutrient analysis, nutrient retention in food preparation and marketing nutrition in food service.  
Disability Statement If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability; if you have emergency medical information to share; or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated or to facilitate your learning, please make an appointment with the instructor as soon as possible. 

Assignments                             50 points
Menu Development Project      100 points
Personal Diet Analysis             100 points
Final                                      100 points

TOTAL                       350 points  

Assignments and Tests Students will receive a description of each assignment.  They may include essays, planning menus to specific dietary requirements, mini research projects and quizzes.

Exams may contain True/False, Multiple choice, Matching, and Short answer questions.  

Make-ups No make-up exams will be given, and no late assignments or projects will be accepted unless the absence or lateness was the result of an event beyond the studentís control such as a death in the family; sudden, serious illness; or an unavoidable, serious accident.  It is the studentís responsibility to let the instructor know in a timely manner when extenuating circumstances arise. All late work is subject to a 10 point per class day late penalty.
Extra Credit No Extra Credit will be accepted.  Students are expected to complete course requirements as evidence of their mastery of the subject.  Time is allotted in class and out of class by student request to answer questions and clarify information.     
Attendance Policy Class attendance is beneficial to students.  The departmental attendance policy applies to every student.  If you cannot attend a class or must leave early, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to arrange with a classmate to get the notes, assignments, projects, schedule changes or any other information presented.  DO NOT ask the instructor for materials or to repeat the lecture.  If you must leave class, do so in a manner that does not disrupt others.  If you see that someone is absent, please collect the materials for them and ask that they do the same for you. The Culinary Arts Department Policies apply.