Assignment 2: Questions

“Never above the Waist”



1.  The new PE teacher was also responsible for what?




2.  What was the sport? What season is this sport played?




3.  Who found the equipment? List the equipment they had. In what condition was
     the equipment?




4.  The sign, glossed as HAVE, means what?




5.  Why did Cinnie join the new team?




6.  How many girls signed up for the team?




7.  How did Cinnie describe the coach’s language or communication skills?




8.  What was the one important rule the coach emphasized?




9.  What did Cinnie think of the rule?




10.  How long did Cinnie’s team practice before their first game?





11.  Compare Cinnie’s team and the opposing team in terms of uniform and


Hearing Team                                                            Deaf Team


1.                                                                                             1.




3.                                                                                             2.






12.  Even though the Deaf team did not have fancy equipment and uniforms, what
       was the Deaf girls’ attitude toward the game?




13.   How did Cinnie compare abilities of the two teams?







14.  What phrase marks the beginning of the body of the story?




15.  After the last foul play, where did the hearing girl stand to hit the ball into




16.   Which of these did actually happen?

  1. The hearing girl hit the ball back on the ground.
  2. The hearing girl hit the ball high in the air.
  3. Cinnie ran back to hit the ball.
  4. Cinnie held her ground when hitting the ball.
  5. Cinnie intentionally lifted her stick above her waist.




17.  Which girl did Cinnie hit with the ball?




18.  Describe what happened afterward. How did Cinnie feel? What did her coach




19.  What is the best translation of the sign, glossed as LOUSY, given the situation?

    1. felt lousy
    2. feel terrible
    3. felt like a fool
    4. played lousy



20.  How did Cinnie interpret the hearing team’s dirty looks?






21. Translate Cinnie’s closing.